’90 Day Fiance’: Is Caesar Mack going to be on another show?

'90 Day Fiance': Is Caesar Mack going to be on another show?

Some people go on 90 Day Fiance to show the world that international love can really work. Others go on the show to become famous and get money. Caesar Mack was one of the first. When he joined the 90 Day Fiance: For the 90 Day Fiance, he was madly in love with Maria, a Ukrainian beauty he had never met in real life.

But now that that relationship is over, Mack may have become a celebrity seeker. Will we see him on another show soon?

Caesar Mack and Maria’s relationship

Mack had been courting Maria for more than five years when 90 Day Fiance started telling his story. And by courting, we mean he sent her money. Over the course of their relationship, the nail tech had sent Maria about $800 a month, which was over $40,000. To fund Maria’s allowance, Mack worked nonstop in the nail salon and lived off the bare necessities to save money.

Mack had plans to meet Maria, but he never did. At first, he planned to go to the Ukraine to visit her in her homeland, but Maria had him book both tickets to Mexico instead.

Unfortunately Maria never showed up in Mexico, which put an end to the situation between the two. Later, Mack took her back.

“Even though Maria has broken my heart since I’ve been home, we’ve talked again. I’m not going to give her up,” he said at the show.

And then he started sending her more money.

“You know, it’s just that I love her so much, so I decided to keep trying to help her,” he said. “I really don’t think she’s using me. She’s just… I think she just needs a little help. I just hope everything works out this time.”

Is Caesar Mack going to be on another show?

Just because it didn’t work out with Maria, doesn’t mean that Mack can’t be on the next season of Pre-90 Days. As Darcey Silva has shown us, you can be on multiple seasons with different partners. But it seems that Mack is putting his search for love on the back burner for the time being.

Rumours have spread that the former 90 Dayer might be joining the popular survival show, Naked and Afraid. One of Mack’s employees in the nail salon told SoapDirt that Mack is training to go on the show.

Anyone who has followed Mack on Instagram has seen that he has been hitting the gym pretty hard the past few months.

“Hanging with my boy trying to get big swole watch out lady I will be back.” He mentioned a picture of him training.

He also started weightlifting.

“About to get big and push the negativity off,” he noted a video of him pumping iron. “Lightweight lightweight pushes the negativity off.”

And the fans have been super supportive of Mack’s new, healthier lifestyle.

“Good thing you’re at the gym!” said one person.

“Caesar take it easy, go slowly lift those heavy weights,” someone else wrote. “I encourage you to continue your journey, but be careful.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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