90 Day Fiance: Larissa Arrested By Ice Before She Could Leave Las Vegas.

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Arrested By Ice Before She Could Leave Las Vegas.

Larissa Lima almost reached the American dream, but when she and Eric Nichols were getting ready to leave for their new life in Colorado, the Brazilian 90 Day Fiance star was reportedly arrested by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The shocking news was shared by Larissa Lima’s friend Carmen, who told her fans and friends that she didn’t know why Larissa Lima was taken away. After all, she has been working on her immigration case and even recently obtained a work permit so that she could earn an income in the U.S..

In fact, her new work permit allowed her to receive payments from Cameo and open an OnlyFans account where we expected her to show off her new body.

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Arrested By Ice Before She Could Leave Las Vegas.

In the message to 90 Day Fiance fans about Larissa Lima’s arrest, Carmen wrote: “Hello everyone, I’m here with Eric Nichols RN, @larissalimareal was just arrested by ICE when she was about to leave their home and move to Colorado. I want to let her family, friends and fans know that we are going there now and as soon as I have more info I will keep you posted. Send prayers.

That doesn’t sound right at all. I bet Larissa Lima wished she had kept her plans to move out of the state quiet until she was actually gone as the family of the Sisterwomen did when Kody Brown was at risk of being arrested for polygamy.

But Larissa seemed to have her affairs in order. She had finished her probationary period, paid Eric Nichols back, worked and earned a very decent amount of money and was ready to have a great life with her husband after they moved to Colorado.

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  1. ANY Attorney who tells you that just because your charges were reduced that you won’t be deported is lying. When you are here as a non-citizen ANY arrest is cause for deportation (even if the Lawyer gets the charges reduced) AND the very minute Colt abandoned her sponsorship Larissa was obligated to get a job. She never worked a day after her sponsorship ended. So Seeee Ya Larissa. She knew the rules.

  2. 1st of you have to have a work permit to work if you are not a U.S. citizen. Some people need to educate themselves before they speak. She has already been released by ICE so clearly it was a mistake. Lastly she not married her and Colt are divorced. Eric is her boyfriend and I seriously doubt she has already paid him back 30k. I absolutely hate when you read an article and you can tell they don’t know jack shit about anything and they are getting paid 2 make up things.

  3. We have enough Larissa in this country fake lips , fake boobs , fake everything . We need some descent human being that can serve this country . Some nurses
    Good bye Larissa .

  4. As much as I’m not crazy about Larisa and the fact that she hasn’t even spoken of her children with her parents are taking care of back home I don’t understand why she’s not allowed to move around if she wants to all her charges were done her time was done her community service was done so why was she stopped in not allowed to leave

  5. Now maybe she will take care of her children she left behind should used that Boobie and Nose job money to bring children here very selfish person she is to totally forget your children

  6. Iam so happy she got arrested by Ice she has kids 8n brazil that she doesn’t even talk about them in the show. I dont like her she is getting all this surgerys done she doesn’t work she probably don’t even care if her kids have food on the table. I Really hope she gets deported. and she can learn some manors and learn to love here kids ..

  7. do we need another angry person in the US? She is the most self centered superficial person to date. She borrowed money from her father. What did she do with that? What about her children? Great mother. Three arrests in no time. I don’t understand why TLC kept her on the show. Good bye. Good luck in Brazil.

  8. Larissa is messed up.She thought she could come to USA and find guy to be rich and bring her kids here.No they’re better off with grandparents.

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