90 Day Fiance: Deavan Clegg Recently Shared A Photo Of Herself With Her Son, Taeyang

90 Day Fiance: Deavan Clegg Recently Shared A Photo Of Herself With Her Son, Taeyang

Deavan and Jihoon were already on the rocks for the second season of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. But the already thin relationship between Deavan Clegg, a 23-year-old model and mother of two from Utah, and 29-year-old Jihoon Lee, from South Korea, seemed to fall apart when Deavan Clegg moved to Jihoon’s homeland with her daughter Drascilla and the couple’s son, Taeyang, for the second time.

Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg already had great trust problems, but their continuing financial problems, as well as Jihoon Lee’s dishonesty about his work and living situation, and his difficult relationship with Deavan’s controversial mother, Elicia Clegg, eventually led to the total breakdown of their relationship.

Over the past few weeks, the couple finally confirmed their breakup after swinging back and forth on social media. Deavan Clegg continued with her new boyfriend, model and actor Topher Park, who provoked criticism from many fans about her ability to move on so quickly.

90 Day Fiance fans swarmed up the comments of Deavan Clegg’s latest Instagram post to express their displeasure at her behavior toward her soon-to-be ex-husband.

90 Day Fiance: Deavan Clegg Recently Shared A Photo Of Herself With Her Son, Taeyang

On 19 September Deavan went to Instagram to share a beautiful picture of herself with one year old Taeyang, her son with Jihoon Lee. “My little duck,” the young mother wrote in her Instagram caption. “His hair always reminds me of a cute duck. Whatever I do, it always lingers and it’s the cutest thing in the world, my heart.”

Although many fans initially supported Deavan Clegg, calling Jihoon Lee ‘immature’ and ‘selfish’, some viewers sided with Jihoon Lee as time went on, with many claiming that Deavan was too judgmental and harsh.

In response to Deavan Clegg’s post with her son – with whom she recently had her new boyfriend take a picture on his birthday – some fans criticized the 90 Day Fiance star for entering into a new relationship just months after the end of her relationship with Jihoon Lee.

“Poor boy probably misses his father,” a critic wrote. “And is probably confused if your new boyfriend is his father or not. Work on your family instead of getting a new boyfriend.”

Other critics claimed that Deavan’s new partner might be “using her for clout” because of his career in the modeling and acting industry. Others reminded Deavan Clegg that it was important for Taeyang to maintain a strong relationship with his other side of the family, no matter how her relationship with her husband went. “Poor Jihoon and his parents, who are so far away,” an Instagram user mused. “They deserve to see the baby.”

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  1. She had every right to be mad at him. He is way older then her and lived with his parents . He knew they were coming and was not prepared for them to move in their own place. Then he says he has a job part time so he can rest!!!!!!
    He sounded lazy to me and I don’t blame her for him lying to her.
    That’s bull!!!!!! I’m glad she found someone who loves her and knows how to contribute to the family. And your right he needs to see his baby but then again he says he don’t . So how can you reach out and send pictures and updates when he has blocked her????? If he wanted to see his son then he needs to try harder!!!!!!

  2. I don’t blame her at all. The trust was broken a few times and he didn’t seem to care. He would say he’s sorry but then do it again over and over. He was selfish and a lazy loser. He has a family and didn’t seem to even try and hoped he could talk his way out of it each time. He’s a grown adult who acts like a child. I would have waited a bit to find someone else but we don’t know how it happened, maybe just right time and right place. If I were Deavin I would definitely keep my eyes open with this guy because he might have a ulterior motive

  3. Amy sounds like deavan

    Roll my eyes, everyone is on a different journey in life.

    How messed up are others to decide what a person should do on their journey. (I.e. make more paper $ that means nothing, change your culture in 1 year or at all).

    Everyone is not helping the vicious cycle we are already on. When will it end?
    Maybe some will understand and go on to another journey. Others could possibly be starting the cycle over and over again. Faced with the same test and always failing.
    Hello, wake up.
    Stop the madness and just do well by you and others. Learn what doing well means first, I have seen a trend in cultures that emphasize on making UNHEALTHY DECISIONS seem like HEALTHY ones.
    I know even mistakes are part of the journey, but grudges?! Shaming?! Not rebuilding your temple before everyone can come and look at it. At you. The temple is significantly describing the shuttle we are using to be on earth.
    This is beyond the show, the show is getting great dirty views on what is actually wrong with the people in this entire world.
    Are you an obstacle? Are you the ghoulish enemy they must learn to mentally and emotionally conquer? The ugly part of their life? The good part??? Think about that. Deeply emerse yourself in what are you really doing on this planet?
    Throw away the baggages of your past who said what whatever man! Really with the miracles of life waking up everyday are you going to waste your time even more?
    I gave you guys my time to hopefully spread awareness on helping each other because we are all connected on a deeper cosmic level on this earth. The stars, the pressures of the galaxy. You can take it or leave it. I am still at peace and frontline of my journey. Peace to you all.

  4. Since day 1 I’ve tried to like Deavan, but I cannot stand her. She acts like she’s on some kind of drugs (?) with that monotone speaking of hers. She has NO control over her daughter…she’s a brat and hasn’t been taught any manners…(Deavans Mom told Drucilla to “quit jumping on the bed” 3x’s in this past episode) and it seems like she runs wild with no supervision…Jihòon isn’t responsible for everything she does…she was not taught what she can or can’t do. Poor Kiddo….hope Deavan raises her son better! She’s either dumb or totally clueless as to what Jihoon does…since she LOVES HIM…riiiggghhhttt!….& lastly…all the females on this show have a few nuts missing!…Do they seriously think that when they visit or move to a foreign country, that they don’t need to do some changing? Anyone should behave/dress/& speak with respect as to their customs…and NOT be rude!! They seem to think it’s perfectly normal to shove their boobs in the smallest top they have and flaunt around? Especially in Muslim countries!! They say they’re not going to change to the other countries customs….boy they’re all idiots and I feel for the guys they’ve met…I will stop now and chant…it’s just a show…it’s just a show…it’s just a show….😬

  5. I cant stand her! Look at how much she filters her selfies to the point she doesn’t even look like the same person! That just shows how insecure she is with how she really looks! I’ve watched how wild her daughter is and thats not the childs fault. Thats the parents fault! And that look she makes with her mouth and her chin with that, “feel sorry for me because im sad” look makes me want to punch her in the face! Im not a violent person but everything about this chick annoys me! Including her choice in men and choosing to have a child with someone like Jihoon because he didn’t have his shit together when they met so why not have a baby?! She expected him to do pretty much everything himself. Thats not how it works when you’re married! But he’s always been a loser and thats his parents fault for not making him get off his lazy ass and get a job or have a career where he would make enough money to support a family! Hes not a man. Hes a boy and she’s not a woman. Shes a little bratty girl. They both need to grow tf up!

  6. I don’t blame her. He’s immature and lazy even his friends don’t agree with his behavior.
    Some of us pretend as if we wouldn’t do the same for our kids.

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