90 Day Fiance: Is Larissa Lima Pregnant?

90 Day Fiance: Is Larissa Lima Pregnant?

90 Day Fiance fans know that Eric Nichols and Larissa Lima got together after she and Colt Johnson broke up. Later, they broke up in public. But we reported in November that they made up and remained friends. Lately, they seem officially back together and always so in love. Now fans are wondering if Larissa Lima is pregnant. Did Eric mention that? Or did he mention the COVID-19 pandemic?

90 Day Fiance: The Timeline Shows Larissa Lima Might Be Pregnant

Training in life or not, the possibility of pregnancy exists, given their timeline. They invented their differences already in November, reported the TV Show Ace. We noticed that “fans wanted to know if being friends means they could be “friends with benefits. Sure, it’s possible. Eric shared a post about it on Instagram. But since we wrote our article, he took it down. However, at the time, he said, “Larissa Lima and I were able to work things out and stay friends”.

More recently, Larissa Lima started opening up a little more about their relationship. On her Instagram page, which used to be filled with a trillion posts, she cleaned up a lot. Many of the photos she shared of her happy looks with Eric since November have disappeared. Today, she left only 14 photos that fans can see. The first one to leave Eric’s 90 Day Fiance alum goes back to March 31st of this year. It looked like her official announcement of their return together. This was months after they made up in November. And Cheatsheet noted that blogger John Yates shared a photo of the December 12 fans that made them seem very welcoming.

90 Day Fiance: Is Larissa Lima Pregnant?

On Thursday of this week, Eric went to his Instagram and shared a picture of him. He was standing under a road sign warning of a bump. Eric subtitled it with: “We’re gonna get through this bump and bump “. Larissa Lima responded by just writing “Bummmmp.” Of course, the fans questioned Larissa. One fan asked, “bummmmp? Is that a suggestion? @larissalimareal.” And, another fan immediately asked, “Are you having a baby Larissa? Are you pregnant? Oooohhhhh tell us!!!!.”

Well, 90 day Fiance veteran Larissa Lima never answered the question. But several fans have noticed that Larissa recently wore her waist training corset. One pointed out, “I doubt she’s as pregnant as her current life training… and it’s not safe to train for life if she’s pregnant.” Another follower wrote, “Do you think [Larissa] would train to tighten her waist if she was pregnant? I certainly hope not.” And these fans are right. Actually, life training wouldn’t be a great idea, because it’s known to cause problems with internal organ displacement. So, maybe Eric just referred to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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