90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days: Darcey Silva’s New Love

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days: Darcey Silva’s New Love

90 Day Fiance : Before the 90 days, we saw the cast member, Darcey Silva, in some difficult situations. In fact, we just saw Tom Brooks and her having a good time in a New York City cafe. Darcey found pictures of him with another woman and things went sideways from there.

But there’s good news for Darcey, who’s found a new man, Georgi Rusev. These two have been seen together many times since she broke up with Tom and shared more things about him.

Rusev is originally from Bulgaria and he and Darcey are very open about their relationship. These two have used technology to communicate how much they like each other. They sent sweet, affectionate messages back and forth. Darcey says that they already have a cute name for each other and that she is so happy. Darcey is so happy that she’s finally found someone who understands her as a person.

In Georgi’s last picture, Darcey was gushing at him. She wrote him a very sweet message for his birthday and said, “Thank you for making me smile beautifully inside and out. Georgi hurried to send her some very sweet replies as well. He called her his “beautiful honey”. It’s clear that this relationship is still strong for the two of them.

On social media, Georgi is sending Darcey Silva a lot of sweet messages publicly. One of the fans’ favorites was “You look beautiful. Go ahead and inspire.” He also posts nice replies like, “I miss you, my beauty.” Darcey’s fans are so happy for her after all the mess she got into with Jesse Meester and Tom Brooks, that she just deserves a little more love and it looks like Georgi has it in for her.

Written by Emma Fisher

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