90 Day Fiance: Rose Disappears, Leaves Ed After “Snip Snip” Vasectomy Bombshell!

90 Day Fiance: Rose Disappears, Leaves Ed After “Snip Snip” Vasectomy Bombshell!

90 Day Fiance’ spoilers indicate that the last time we saw Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega, Ed had just told her that he doesn’t want to have children with her. He told her he was planning a vasectomy and explained that he wanted to have a life with her and Prince and no one else.

Rose then told Ed that it would give him a little more time to think. He told her that he didn’t need time to think,that he knows what he wants and that it’s not about kids. The spoilers for this weekend’s episode are out and they’re shocking!

90 Day Fiance: Rose Disappears, Leaves Ed After “Snip Snip” Vasectomy Bombshell!

When Ed Brown wakes up in his hotel room, he finds out Rose left him. “Last night I finally told Rose that I want to have a vasectomy and I don’t want to have kids anymore. And when I woke up this morning, she was gone. She’s not answering my texts or returning my phone calls.” I’m really worried. She didn’t leave a message at the front desk. I looked around the hotel. But you can’t see him anywhere. I don’t know where he is. I’m really confused and sad.”

It was the kids’ conversations that ruined all this for Rose? She told him it was her dream to have two children with him and she seemed very sad when he told her he didn’t want them.

“Coming on this holiday, I thought he wanted to marry me. It was really more about me trying to figure it out for myself: Was Rose the one I wanted? Now it’s Rose who’s really trying to figure out for herself whether she wants to be with me or not.”

And he’s been hiding a lot from Rose since they first met face-to-face and we’ve seen a lot of red flags in this relationship. He lied to her about her height and then hid the fact that he didn’t want kids until the romantic date. He hid the fact that his sister also asked him for money. We’re not exactly sure what will happen on Sunday’s show, but it will be a good show!

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  1. Ed is a duch bag…I dont blame rose hes a ompla lompa..He has lyed from the word go. He just wanted his 5 minutes of fame…

  2. I think she really wanted to better herself and move to a better place and find LOVE AND A FAMILY. But Ed is so selfish and self centered he doesn’t know what LOVE IS. ROSE IS BETTER OFF WITHOUT HIM EVEN WITH HER LIVING CONDITIONS .

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