90 Day Fiance: Rose Shocking Transformation!

90 Day Fiance: Rose Shocking Transformation!

Rosemarie Vega’s stint on 90 Day Fiance may have been over for a while, but that doesn’t stop her from extending her fifteen minutes of fame. The Filipina managed to make a name for herself even without her ex-boyfriend, Ed Brown.

And it seems Rosemarie Vega knows how to play her cards right. Shortly after her TLC appearance, the mother of one of her projects snubbed a number of others, which has certainly benefited her lifestyle.

90 Day Fiance Star Rose Enjoys A More Comfortable After Her Stint On The Show.

Rosemarie started the new year with yet another new look. The 90 Day Fiance celeb looks better than ever with her chic haircut. Big Ed’s girlfriend wowed her followers when she ditched her long hair for a shorter haircut. Rosemarie Vega took to Instagram and showed off her shoulder-length curls. The reality star opted for brown hair with blonde highlights, which definitely gave her a fresher look.

In addition to changing her hairstyle, Rosemarie of 90 Day Fiance has also stepped up her makeup game lately. In some of her previous posts, the TLC star rocked bold makeup looks – a far cry from her simple and makeup-free style on the show.

Ed Brown’s ex-girlfriend definitely came out of her shell after their time on 90 Day Fiance. This landed her several appearances outside the TLC realm. And Rosemarie Vega shows no sign of slowing down once more projects come her way – at least in the Philippines.

90 Day Fiance’s Rosemarie has been busy with various gigs in her home country. Ed Brown’s ex-girlfriend is slowly making a name for herself in the modeling world of the Philippines. Rosemarie Vega has done several print ads for different brands.

Rose has also been working hard on her online presence. She is considered an internet sensation in her country, all thanks to her large following on Instagram and YouTube. The 90 Day Fiance cast member seemed enough to land her collaborations with some of the biggest YouTube celebrities in the Philippines.

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