’90 Day Fiancé’: Thaís Ramone Addresses Stroganoff Confusion

’90 Day Fiancé’: Thaís Ramone Addresses Stroganoff Confusion

When Thaís Ramone cooked Brazilian stroganoff on 90 Day Fiance, Patrick Mendes’s brother John ended up spitting it out. Fans were just as confused by his recipe and are now eager to know what method he used to make the dish. Most people know that beef stroganoff is made from steaks, so when Thais used chicken in his dinner dish, everyone was completely confused. The recent 90 Days episode has led to a huge debate on social media.

From pleas for the exact recipe she uses to complete confusion over whether she is preparing the dish in the traditional Brazilian way, it’s clear that Thaís Ramone has caused a huge stir – without even meaning to!

When the Thaís Ramone added mustard and ketchup to their chicken stroganoff dish, viewers were stunned. Considering she is Brazilian, some thought she might have been making a traditional home recipe.

Another was behind Thaís and concluded that he used a different sauce than the traditional recipe because he didn’t have all the ingredients in his cupboard and fridge.

After Thais’ stroganoff recipe caused a stir on social media, she posted her girlfriend’s Instagram story on her page. It seems her sweetheart was just as concerned as the rest of the nation watching.

They asked Thais, “Did you watch the stroganoff scene? It was ridiculous. Because the ingredient was missing and then I didn’t know how to cook it, lol.” The translation seems to indicate that Thais didn’t have all the ingredients at the time.

In a shared Instagram story uploaded by a friend of his, they say they hope that one day people will forgive Thais’ actions in season nine, the AKA beef stroganoff scene.

’90 Day Fiancé’: Thaís Ramone Addresses Stroganoff Confusion

Brazilian chicken stroganoff is made with a chilled and creamy chicken sauce. Typically, beef is used in the preparation of stroganoff, a dish originally from the Russian language, consisting of pieces of roast beef served with mustard and Smetana sauce.

Patrick reported that his sweetheart Thais made stroganoff in Brazil when she cooked for both him and his brother John. His sibling was less than impressive, but Patrick seemed to enjoy the dish thoroughly.

Thais, on the other hand, used ketchup and mustard in her recipe. This led to Patrick’s brother John spitting out the dish, but Brazilians make the dish with heavy cream and no flour to thicken the sauce, according to Easy and Delish.

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