Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Said He Was Looking Forward To Getting Joint Custody

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Said He Was Looking Forward To Getting Joint Custody

Alaskan Bush People’s star Bear Brown has confirmed he is the father of River, the eight-week-old son of his former Raiven Adams, after taking a DNA test.

The 31-year-old – who initially denied being River’s father – celebrated the “fantastic news” in a bizarre video posted on his YouTube channel.

Turning on a mountain, Bear Brown told fans, “Hey, guys, I have some great news to share with you all. It’s 100% official – River is my son, I got the results today.

“It’s great news, there was never any doubt about it, but in order to have equal rights as a parent I had to prove that I really am River’s father.”

The Alaskan Bush People star then said, “Got to give a howl,” before I howl at the sky.

He ended the film by shouting, “Yes!” and punching the air in triumph. Raiven Adams, gave birth to River Anthony on March 9 and stayed with him for several weeks in the hospital because he was born prematurely.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Said He Was Looking Forward To Getting Joint Custody

Bear wasn’t present at birth and Raiven raised River on her own.

The Sun revealed exclusively that a few days after Raiven’s birth, Bear Brown presented the documents claiming not to be the legal father of the newborn baby. The petition allegedly freed Bear Brown from the obligation to pay child support and other financial responsibilities.

However, the Discovery Channel star later claimed joint custody of River if a DNA test proved he was the father. Bear Brown claimed his first filing was a “court error”.

He wrote on Instagram: “When my petition was filed there was a mistake in the order, it had to say that I am trying to establish myself as River’s father! NOT to establish myself!”

Raiven had filed a restraining order against Bear Brown before River’s birth and then dropped it, but accused her ex of being violent.

In a recent Instagram Q&A she said she was “rebuilding herself” and “processing the pain” after the alleged abuse. Raiven said: “Mentally taking it day by day I am doing much better now that I am in a new situation and my baby is safe and sound.

Mostly I’m trying to pull myself together”. I always told myself that I could grieve after he was born. When she couldn’t feel my emotions”. The 23-year-old continued: “But just seeing my baby helps me a lot. But I was able to process my grief and work on it”.

She added that while River is “happy and sweet,” he wakes up every two hours, so she is “exhausted and adjusting. In February, Raiven accused Bear of threatening her with a gun and claiming that “the gun laws don’t apply to him.

Bear began to show “erratic” and “abusive” behavior immediately after the couple started dating, she said in court documents obtained from The Sun.

Raiven wrote that the Alaskan Bush People star started “screaming, banging things, preventing me from leaving the rooms”.

One man’s mom said he started threatening to “kick her out” and started “withholding food and money” when she expressed concerns about her alleged drug abuse.

In another disturbing statement, she said he would use a gun as “intimidation,” and told her that “gun laws do not apply to him. Bear recently pretended to fire a gun in a YouTube video.

The Alaskan Bush People star posted a bizarre animation-style movie in which he pointed a video game gun at his TV screen, shouting, “That’s right, come and get it! Shot in the head, shot in the head, shot in the head!”

The reality star posted the movie – which he called “Strangekid” – on his channel, writing: “This is a project I’m working on!”

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