America’s Got Talent: Simon Broke His Back Riding An Electric Bicycle

America’s Got Talent: Simon Broke His Back Riding An Electric Bicycle

America’s Got Talent judge, Simon Cowell, underwent surgery after breaking his back during an electric bike test. The accident occurred on the afternoon of August 8, in the backyard of his home in Malibu, California.

America’s Got Talent: Simon Broke His Back Riding An Electric Bicycle

According to The Guardian, Simon Cowell – who was supposed to return to America’s Got Talent this week – was taken to the hospital for surgery to repair a broken back after a fall while testing a new electric bike.

“He’s doing fine,” a rep for Simon Cowell told The Hollywood Reporter. “He’s under observation and in the best possible hands.”

Simon Cowell was spotted on other bike rides with a partner, Lauren Silverman. The judge of American Idol and X-Factor has adopted a healthier lifestyle in recent months, including regular exercise. The extent of Cowell’s injuries is unclear at this time.

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America’s Got Talent: Simon Cowell Isn’t The Only Celebrity In On The E-bike Fad

While Simon Cowell is recovering from surgery, other celebrities are out riding the electric bike wave in droves. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a photo of a quarantined bike ride on Instagram. Rumor has it he has more than one electric bike in his possession.

Others, such as Kendall Jenner, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jay Leno, and Miley Cyrus ride their e-bikes throughout Los Angeles. Likewise, Elon Musk, Ellen DeGeneres and Ryan Reynolds are all favorites when it comes to their e-bikes for various reasons.

The advantages of owning an e-bike are that they are easier to ride than a standard bike, are environmentally friendly with rechargeable batteries, and are said to be more efficient (because they are faster). However, they are also expensive and range from $400 to $2000 or more.

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