Below Deck Med: June Foster Still Works In Yachting

Below Deck Med: June Foster Still Works In Yachting

Third stew June Foster of Below Deck Mediterranean shared an emotional moment with charter guest Jackie Siegel, from the documentary, The Queen of Versailles. Jackie Siegel gave June Foster a special butterfly ring and fans wondered if she still has one.

Jackie Siegel and June Foster had a connection when they shared their stories about the loss. Siegel’s 18-year-old daughter Victoria died in 2015 after an overdose of opioids. June Foster shared that her father had also died recently. In a moment in Siegel’s cabin, Jackie Siegel gave Foster a beautiful butterfly ring. Siegel felt that if a butterfly rested on her thumb, it was a kiss from her daughter.

Of course, June Foster is overwhelmed and emotional, because Jackie Siegel now shares with her that she has goose bumps. The moment was filmed a few years ago, so does Foster still have the ring?

June Foster was in disbelief when Jackie Siegel gave her the ring. Recently she shared with her that she still has it and is keeping it safe. “Oh yes, I kept it in a very safe room.” Foster answered a question from a fan about him at an Instagram post.

The moment had meaning as June Foster said she received the call to be at Below Deck Med on the anniversary of her father’s death. “Which was interesting, and this is going to sound so strange, but they called me on the day of my dad’s death,” she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “I took it as a sign from him to go. I took it as a sign that “This is good for you.”

“He died on September 13, 2016, and when loved ones die, you always know that day,” adds June Foster. “So I remember thinking, ‘Daddy would want me to do that. He was so supportive. We sat down and watched below decks together, so that was always my thing with him”.Foster

Below Deck Med: June Foster Still Works In Yachting

Recently she announced that she spent the summer season as a fighter in Spain. Foster made a video to show her mother the breathtaking landscape. Foster has also been very busy since she left the show. She launched the company, YachtInspired, designed to help captains and yacht owners improve employee retention and satisfaction. She based the company on her experience in the yacht industry. “Some were engaging, but others had a regular crew and you were always treated like the second hand,” she said.

Her book The Girl and the Golden Leaf recently inspired new legislation to provide better protection against human trafficking. “I am honored that the namesake ‘The American Golden Leaf Recovery & Protection Act’ was inspired by my novel The Girl and the Golden Leaf, an exciting story about poverty, religion and the horrors of human trafficking. The Act will strengthen and expand current anti-trafficking efforts in our struggle to save and protect victims of human trafficking,” she shared on Instagram.

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