Counting On: Abbie Tries to Stay Healthy for Baby

Counting On: Abbie Tries to Stay Healthy for Baby

Abbie Duggar of Counting On and her husband John David Duggar keep the baby safe from COVID risks in their own way. Many know that the couple went to a big Duggar family reunion during the pandemic. So what are they doing to make sure that sweet little Grace Annette Duggar doesn’t get sick?

Counting On: John Says It’s Grocery Delivery for Their Family

Not long ago, we saw a picture of Abbie Duggar shopping with their baby. But it looks like, since things are falling apart with the pandemic, they’re staying home. John Duggar says they’re ordering groceries, so they stay away from the big crowds and germs.

It seems like a lot of people have the same idea because the Counting On couple shared that it would be the next week before the order arrives. Planning the next week seems to be the best strategy if you try to avoid going to the supermarket.

Counting On: Abbie Tries to Stay Healthy for Baby

Abbie Duggar and her husband John Duggar of Counting On are doing their best to stay healthy during this time. Young children are often kept indoors because of germs. But the situation is even more serious now that there is a pandemic going on. John Duggar described spending as a whole new world, even though Arkansas has never been closed.

The family is doing its best to maintain social distance these days. The only case where the fans saw them at Michelle’s house and Jim Bob sent the fans into an uproar. Since then, it doesn’t look like they’ve been hanging out with the rest of the Counting On crowd.

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