Counting On: Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo Could Make A Lot Of Money From Their Podcast

Counting On: Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo Could Make A Lot Of Money From Their Podcast

As many Duggar fans will know, Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo recently launched their podcast, The Hope We Hold. They promise a new episode every Wednesday, and have released two new episodes with the announcement of their podcast. For the Counting On couple, the podcast features “weekly conversations to explore the hope of Jesus Christ in both personal and practical application. They also encourage their social media followers to leave them suggestions and questions on the topics.

So far, fans love it. Many are already crowding podcast-streaming platforms and listening to it. And they can’t wait to hear the latest episodes every week.

Since the podcast has just been launched, the interest it has generated is impressive. Much of the traffic probably comes from social media. On social media, both Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo have a lot of followers.

By posting the podcast on their respective Instagram pages, they are able to spread the word. Jinger has 1.3 million followers on Instagram. Jeremy has 674,000 followers. So, they have a good platform to market their podcast on.

As of Wednesday morning, Jeremy and Jinger’s podcast is number 33 on Apple’s podcast charts. With the release of new episodes and the promotion of the podcast to new viewers, they can climb the charts. After all, they launched the podcast less than a week ago.

Counting On: Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo Could Make A Lot Of Money From Their Podcast

Since Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo only recently launched their podcast, it’s unlikely they’ve started monetizing it. As things progress, they’ll probably choose to monetize it. This way, they can earn revenue while fans listen to the podcast and the ads that are included in the podcast.

The podcast that’s already going so well is a good sign for Jeremy and Jinger. Making top rankings can attract potential sponsorship, giving Jeremy and Jinger a way to bring money from their podcast. Previously, they worked with brands through social media. So, they certainly don’t seem to object to advertising in their podcast episodes.

If the Counting On couple choose to monetize their podcast, they can charge a specific amount in dollars for every 1,000 listeners. With a sufficient number of listeners, they can easily get good revenue from just one episode per week.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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