I Am Shauna Rae: Does Shauna Rae Have Cancer Again?

I Am Shauna Rae: Does Shauna Rae Have Cancer Again?

InIn early 2022, TLC viewers were introduced to the 22-year-old star of I Am Shauna Rae. Shauna Rae received a rare diagnosis early in her life that stunted her growth and left her “stuck” in the body of an 8-year-old girl. In the series, Shauna embarks on her journey to adulthood with the support of her loved ones, but it hasn’t been easy for the reality star.

Along with the challenges that come with dating and drinking, Shauna Rae is not off the hook when it comes to her medical condition. In season 1 of I Am Shauna Rae, she visits a doctor and shares some concerns, prompting both her family and viewers to worry that Shauna Rae may have cancer again.

I Am Shauna Rae: Does Shauna Rae Have Cancer Again?

During Shauna’s trip to the doctor, she mentions her ongoing migraines. Because of her medical history, Shauna Rae’s doctor suggests she schedule a visit with her neurologist.

Although the postponement has left fans worried about the reality star, it appears that Shauna Rae is still cancer-free. Of course, her loved ones are hoping for the best, but somehow, they can’t help but plan for the worst.

Shauna Rae’s family has proven to be pretty overprotective in front of the camera – but according to her mother Patty, they have good reason to be. In a confessional, Patty says that even though her daughter is currently in remission, that could change at any time.

According to Patty, Shauna Rae’s health problems began as a child. At just six months old, Shauna Rae battled cancer and was forced to undergo brain surgery. Although doctors were able to save her life, she is burdened with a lifetime of health issues as a side effect of chemotherapy.

While Shauna is healthy today, doctors warn that her cancer “may come back” and will “always be a concern.”

Despite her mother’s fears, Shauna Rae remains optimistic. She told E! News, “We don’t want to focus on the negative or all the bad, critical issues.”

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