Kourtney And Scott’s Latest Actions Have Fans Wondering If There’s Still Something Between Them

Kourtney And Scott’s Latest Actions Have Fans Wondering If There’s Still Something Between Them

Now that Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are ready, there’s a big question mark over Disick’s future with his on-off girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian.

The couple broke up in 2015 after nine years and three kids together. But they’ve remained good friends. While neither has said anything about getting back together, some of their recent activities have convinced fans that the couple might reconcile.

Amid speculation, a source spoke to People and revealed where the former couple actually is.

Kourtney And Scott’s Latest Actions Have Fans Wondering İf There’s Still Something Between Them

Fans began questioning their relationship in April when Disick saw old pictures of him kissing Kardashian. His split from Richie in May only fed their suspicions, even though sources told E! News that Richie left him so he could focus on things that led to him spending time in rehabilitation in April.

None of them tackled the speculation, but they continued to fuel the rumors with their actions. They went on holiday together in Utah in May and made a family trip to Wyoming in June. Kardashian also posted an Instagram photo from Wyoming that showed her in a shirt that fans say belongs to Disick and shared a sweet note with him on Father’s Day. A day after June 21, Disick left a flirty comment on Kardashian’s Instagram page.

Kourtney And Scott’s Relationship Status Revealed

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s relationship status revealed…
Despite all that, a source told people on June 23rd that Kardashian and Disick “aren’t back together again,” explaining that they’re just “incredibly close.

Sources also told E! News that Disick just trusted Kardashian for support as he works on himself and that it helps to spend time with his family.

They said, “Kourtney knows how to deal with Scott and he is always in a better lead role when he is spending time with his children. She’s really been there for him since rehab, and she’s had a lot of sympathy for him.”

Written by Ashley Bennett

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