Kylie Vowed To Keep Daughter Stormi Webster’s Privacy

Kylie Vowed To Keep Daughter Stormi Webster’s Privacy

It’s a difficult balance for any celebrity. If your entire livelihood is based on people’s recognition and appreciation of you, then sharing the details of your life could be an important way to remain relevant.

At the same time, celebrities are entitled to privacy, and the exaggerated actions of fans can make the lack of privacy very challenging – or even dangerous. The question then becomes: how much of your life should you share with your audience? What’s the right game and what should remain behind closed doors?

Several celebrities answer this question in different ways, but fans call Kylie Jenner for saying that she would be a parent with privacy in mind and that she seems to have gone back on her word.

On the one hand, people all over the world want to share the joys of parenting on their social media platforms. From the maternity photos to the baby’s first steps, from staged family photos to staged family portraits to hilarious moments, being able to show off your children is one of the benefits of being a parent.

For celebrities, however, sharing their children is a difficult decision. On the one hand, their reach on social media is much, much wider than that of most ordinary people. Their children have not necessarily signed up for a life in the spotlight, even though their parents like the attention for themselves.

Some stars have decided to share their children’s views as part of their public persona. Chrissy Teigen often posts her children’s photos in her popular social media, where she’s known for mixing cute with hilarious.

On the other hand, stars like Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have been extremely private about their family life and intentionally avoid publishing information about their children. Some stars straddle the line, occasionally sharing one or two specific photographs, but mostly keeping things quiet.

Kylie Vowed To Keep Daughter Stormi Webster’s Privacy

Kylie Jenner would know more than anyone what it’s like to grow up in the spotlight. She was just a little girl when “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” aired and, being the youngest of the famous sisters, her life was captured more than any other for the audience. Perhaps this is what she had in mind when she initially promised to make things different for her own daughter.

Of course, one of the big questions is whether little Stormi – Jenner’s daughter with Travis Scott – would appear on the same reality show that made her mother famous. In 2019 for W Magazine, Jenner made it clear that she didn’t want to impose that kind of fame on her daughter.

“I’ll wait until she’s old enough to make this decision on her own,” Jenner explained. However, she did not make it clear at what age she would consider the child old enough to agree to be in the spotlight. Will she have to wait until she’s old enough? Or just until she was old enough to understand what it meant to be in the spotlight?

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