Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff shares first meeting pic of Ember and Bode

Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff shares first meeting pic of Ember and Bode

Little People, Big World fans saw that Audrey and Jeremy Roloff shared about the birth of their baby. Little Bode James looks very cute and the fans have surrendered their congratulations. A few days later Jeremy’s mother and father, Amy and Matt Roloff did the same. Their separate messages showed two very proud grandparents. And now cuteness returns when Audrey shares a photo of the first time Ember met her little brother.

Little People, Big World: family welcome the new grandchild, Bode

When Bode arrived, the cast members and celebrities sent their congratulations. TV Shows Ace reported that Amy shared photos of the new acquisition. Matt also shared about the cute little boy. Caryn Chandler never posted her own post, but she shared a lot of love and loves all the other family messages about baby Bode. Fans can’t wait for more pictures. Now they have a new one from Audrey.

Popculture noted that Ember seems quite excited to be a big sister. According to their report, Ember painted a sign for Bode. It was a welcome sign and Audrey “posted a video of Sister Margo Botti on her Instagram Story.” It showed the two-year-old finishing the sign meant for her little brother. On the sign, she painted his name. LPBW fans hoped to see more of Audrey’s Ember, and she delivered.

Little People, Big World: Audrey shares first meeting pic of Ember and Bode

Audrey, the former Little People, Big World star took to Instagram on Monday night. The photo looks like she was still in the hospital when Ember met her brother. Audrey looks great for someone who recently gave birth. Her big smile lights up the camera. And, next to her, Ember looks seized by Bode. At the bottom of the bed is the sign Ember painted to welcome the new baby. Audrey wrote it down with, “One of my favorite moments ever.” She added, “She’s just the sweetest big sister there is.”

The cute kids are helping Audrey with her “Postpartum” problems. But she noted that “cuddling these precious little loves makes my heart so full.” Audrey thinks it’s an “honor… to be their mother.” Of course, LPBW fans responded to the image. They said, “Oh my gosh, I was so waiting for this picture at 😍.” Another fan commented: “Congratulations mommy!!!!!! .” Meanwhile, Caryn Chandler also wrote in the mail. She said, “Priceless.” A fan said to Caryn, “Your comments are always so positive and uplifting… I’m sure it’s great for Jeremy and Audrey to read them!”

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