Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mike Thompson Keeping Huge Secret From Jennifer

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mike Thompson Keeping Huge Secret From Jennifer

Mama June: From Not to Hot star Mike Thompson has an important secret he doesn’t want Jennifer Thompson to know. And when she finds out she’s sure to be livid, he hides it from her on the WEtv reality show.

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mike Thompson Keeping Huge Secret From Jennifer

On Mama June: From Not to Hot, Sugar Bear Thompson has been keeping a secret from his wife Jennifer Thompson. Recently, he said she can’t eat, can’t sleep, and feels like he’s in the middle of a medical crisis. Of course, he says he hates lying to Jennifer Thompson. But he may need to get some answers from his doctor before he tells her what’s going on.

So, he goes to the doctor’s office early to try to figure out what’s going on. Remember, Sugar Bear Thompson has had several medical problems in the past. Maybe this latest scare has something to do with her past ailments. Whatever it is, he’s afraid to tell Jennifer, so it must be serious.

Mama June: From Not to Hot: He Wants To Protect Jennifer Thompson

It seems likely Sugar Bear Thompson won’t want to worry Jennifer until absolutely necessary. Clearly, he hates keeping such a big secret from her and it’s eating him up. But he probably thinks it’s for her own good. Hopefully, once the doctors figure out what they’re dealing with, he’ll give them a clue about Jennifer Thompson. Then, they can handle it together.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. Jennifer is a wanna be mama june.! She makes me ill !! Sugar bear was way better off with June was better off with him !! My wish is that Jennifer and Geno would get together they deserve one another !! Take care of your kids June ! Jennifer catch a clue , you are not all that

  2. Please get Jennifer out. If she is like this in real life she is sick. She talks about June, she came from the back woods also. She is not all of that and to be honest never liked her on the show. Sugar Bear loves her and she is worse than June. Leave Alana alone Sugar Bear is the daddy and all you want is to be a tv star and this is the only way you can get it. Sugar Bear be the man and st her straight about your daughter.

    • Jennifer Tompsom. You act like B***. That stupied face you make. Stop it. I dont know if it’s for the show or what. Pumken is amazing and your lucky to have her. The red dress come on. Why couldn’t you just do your own thing. Are you that low?

  3. Pretty sure it would’ve been a good thing to have someone read proof read this…You called Suger Bear aka Mike Thompson a ★she★ 2times at the start of your article. Just saying….I thought you might like to know.

  4. Jennifer makes me sick the only reason she wants Mike aka Sugar Bear to get custody of Alana aka Honey Boo Boo is because she knows that’s where the money is she doesn’t care one thing about that child. Jennifer and that ugly face she makes needs to go from the show. I Hope June gets her act together before she ruins it for everyone.

  5. I can not stand Jennifer either. She is doing way to much and june is still badder than she is. Jennifer is thirsty for attention even when it comes to the children. I see the sisters here in ga. Pumpkin is doing good as a sister mom.
    Somebody put a towel in jennifer mouth and over her head .

  6. Jennifer is an awful excuse of a human. She wants to be June so bad. Anyone who would try to take custody just to be able to “rub it in her face” is disgusting. And lets not even start about the ways she talks about Pumpkin and a little girl. She is gross….. inside and out and needs to be dropped from any spotlight!

  7. Sad to say but Jennifer is the most negative unhappy person That is extremely obsessed with Mama June.

    She needs to stay in her own lane and work on becoming a better person, It’s what’s on the inside not the outside that make a person.

  8. Ok… when this was on 3 episodes ago, then I could understand the report, nothing else to talk about? Jennifer is just ratchet and needs to SERIOUSLY grow up! You think being on the cover of A GOSSIP magazine that nothing is ever real, is going to make you famous! Girl how old are you? You got a better chance of becoming famous on Jeopardy! Stop acting so jealous and suck it up, you WILL NEVER be June Shannon! Stop trying!

  9. I love you Mama June I really do!! However.. the person she is since Lump Neck (Geno) came in IS NOT the same Mama June we all fell in love with…. I miss the older June who was all about her kids and would NEVER EVER let a man come between them!!!! I ABSOLUTELY HATE GENO for introducing her to drugs and I’m EVEN MORE PISSED OFF that she would say yes!! All just to please and keep around a no good piece of shit who’s is ONLY using you for money HE DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT OR LOVE YOU!!!! GET RID OF HIM GET YOURSELF 100% SOBER AND YOURSELF BACK ON TRACK!! THEN REPAIR YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR KIDS AND FAMILY BECAUSE YOU ALL NEED EACH OTHER!!!! PLEASE DON’T LET GENO DESTROY YOUR LIFE ANYMORE THEN WHAT HE ALREADY HAS!!

  10. Grow up. Havnt watched the show for long but long enough to see what’s going on. You are a grown woman but act so childish. You are so obsessed with beating Mama June it’s crazy. You don’t want his daughter…thats just another way to beat June. I’m not the only person feeling this way…im just willing to say it. Stop causing trouble and all of you work together to make things easier for Alanna. She’s the child not you. The way you acted about that Padgett was wrong…childish and stupid. Time to put your big girl pants on and show some class. That kids going through hell and you make it worse. You’re pushing her away. Let her stay with her sister…she needs that…not someone that’s always dogging her mother. GROW UP

  11. Put a bag over the peg legs (Jennifer) head , this bitch makes me ill, that ugly pegleg needs to gtf off the show. And for the dessert crap 🤢🤢🤮🤮, come on sugarbear you could probably do a little better than that 🤡 pegleg

  12. Jennfer i promise you one thing you want get that child suger bear was never there only reason you want her is her money well you look like a cow in a dress you stick your nose were it dosent belong u ant family you make everyone sick want u stay out of the family life hope you get what you deserve

  13. Jennifer says she can’t stand June but isn’t it funny she sure is following in her footsteps. She has her ex old man, lives in her old house, wore the red dress like June, wore the red bathing suit like June, uses the same manager as June…I mean really, get a life Jennifer. I wish she wasn’t on the show. I can’t stand even looking at her.

  14. Jennifer is jealous and thinks she is just going to step in and take over. The show is called Mama June from Not to Hot, not Jennifer the instant Bitch. Jennifer needs to keep her nose out of other people’s business.

  15. How did they just report on this yesterday?? The episode with his penis pump, and the absolutely nauseating closed door “conference” noises they had after she asked him to show her how it works, was like 2wks ago!

    Ugh… I just threw up a little in my mouth remembering that scene.

  16. Ok everyone down on Jennifer when mama june is the one that chose a sorry ass dope head over her family I mean what the hell yea she has a problem its call dope and a dope head she did it she wanted it she chose that sick shit over her kids that’s the sick bitch I want to thank pumpkin and her husband for being there for alana my heart goes out to you guys I hope mama june wakes up and sees that her family will be there and has been there until she wouldent let them be there they have done all they can do she needs to clean her act up and get back in her family’s life

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