Mama June: From Not to Hot: June Shannon Is ‘Rebuilding Trust’ With Her Family After Their Estrangement

Mama June: From Not to Hot: June Shannon Is 'Rebuilding Trust' With Her Family After Their Estrangement

Mama June is “in communication” with her daughter Alana Thompson, and the rest of her family after she abandoned them to go get drunk with her troubled boyfriend Geno Doak. In an exclusive interview with The Sun, the family’s therapist, Dr. Ish Major, revealed that the family is “rebuilding trust” with Mama June, whose real name is June Shannon, after years of estrangement.

Mama June, currently lives in Florida with Geno, while daughters Alana Thompson, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, 20, and the rest of the family are working on the relationship from Georgia.

Dr. Ish told the Sun, “The family is being burned. We tried and never succeeded.” We poured resources, time, attention and affection on you, and none of it worked.” The family is like, “Listen, we’re done. We’re aggravated.” It’s a very complicated way to get back into the family”. Dr. Ish explained how family is “communicating” at a distance.

It went on: We love you, but we’ll love you from here.” The last thing I did with Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon was help her understand boundaries. If you can’t behave properly, if you can’t make better decisions for you and for us, then you can’t be a part of our lives.

The only way to say that is time. This is June earning her place in the family.”

Dr. Ish revealed that the family has scheduled Skype calls and other forms of communication planned to see if June will go ahead.

He added, “They’re rebuilding trust. That’s what you said you’ll do, let’s see if you can do it.” History says you won’t. If you do, then we can take the next step. This is how you work to get back into the family and we can trust each other again.”

Dr. Ish helped with the surgery in June last season and supported the family in their struggles.

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  1. After years of estrangement??? Whoever wrote this article obviously doesn’t watch the show. She didn’t abandon her daughter for years. I don’t even think it was a whole year.

  2. She was not getting drunk, she was getting high on crack and meth! Let’s not sugar coat her actions.

  3. She’s been estranged from Anna for years, not all her children. This certainly isn’t the 1st time she’s put a man before the welfare of her children. She picked the pedophile over them, so, this wasn’t shocking to me. We haven’t forgotten about that, as much as the tv show would like us too.
    I know they love their mom, I just hope that they have no contact with her until Geno is gone AND she gets the mental help she needs. All the money that her daughters earned has been used for her drug addiction. Selling their things and pawning a car that really wasn’t hers?!?!?!
    I never would’ve guessed that Pumpkin and Josh would turn out to be the mature grown-ups they are at their young ages. It’s so wonderful that Alana has them. Jennifer is so evil. The only reason she wants custody is to hurt June and Pumpkin. Thank goodness Mike is putting what’s best for his daughter before what his wife wants. You are supposed to love your child more than you hate your ex.
    I could go on and on but I don’t want to waste anymore of my time on them today. It’s Memorial Day, I don’t want to get angry.

  4. I am so disappointed in June..Really? …Your letting a Crack head ruin your whole life and not to mention that no good wife of your ex….Who is so jealous of you and is trying her best to take your place and your family….Snap out of it ….Geno is. Bum and always will be.

  5. June needs to get her act together and come back home and take care of her children. I pray June can kick her addiction and continue to be the loving and caring mom she was before Geno and drugs.

  6. She is not rebuilding trust at all! Her kids won’t be around her because she is still with geno! He is a crack head period. As long as she is with him they can’t trust her at all! If she will live with the man that sexually abused her daughter then what would she let this crack head do?

  7. Come on Mama June,I am in your corner cheering you on. I know you can do it!! Get your life together. You have been really blessed. You can do this,get yourself together physically,mentally and emotionally. You deserve so much better.

  8. If I was her family I wouldn’t have anything to do with her until she got off the drugs and got away from Geno! Until she is rid of him I don’t think she will be able to straighten up! She has done some unforgivable things especially to poor little Alana! I feel so bad for her!

  9. Alana needs to seriously lose some weight it is not healthy for a girl her age to be that heavy she needs to go on a diet seriously and to rain that mouth up a girl that age not be talking like that and being disrespectful to her elders thanks to her mother letting her talk that way I pray that she gets better and she gets thinner and healthier

  10. The only way June will be successful in sobriety is to stay completely away from geno. He doesn’t care truly about June, all he cares about is her money.

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