Mama June: From Not to Hot: Lauryn Wants What’s Best for Alana Thompson

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Lauryn Wants What’s Best for Alana Thompson

Mama June: From Not to Hot star Lauryn Shannon is on edge with her little sister Alana Thompson. Of course, she loves her very much and doesn’t want her with anyone else. But she’s not sure what the best approach is to handle her teenage antics on the reality show WEtv.

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Lauryn Pumpkin Shannon Brought In Reinforcements

Recently on Mama June: From Not to Hot, Lauryn asked Dr. Ish, the family psychiatrist, to help her reach Alana Thompson. Even though it was an emotional session, she was able to help them communicate. Alana told Pumpkin how happy she is to live with them and that she doesn’t want to go anywhere else. She also assured Pumpkin that she is doing a great job on Mama June: From Not to Hot.

Of course, parenting can be a thankless job. But, she’s doing a fantastic job, and whether she shows it or not, Alana appreciates it. But, she’s a teenager and her job is to push the boundaries and see what she can and cannot do. Of course, it’s more difficult, given the situation Alana’s going through with her Mama.

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Lauryn Wants What’s Best for Alana Thompson

On Mama June: From Not to Hot, Mama June’s daughter, Lauryn Shannon, is at a loss and can no longer stand Alana Thompson’s antics. Plus, she doesn’t know how to punish a teenager when she’s only 19 herself. However, she and her husband, Josh Efird, are happy to have her with her because they want to reverse Mama’s influence a little. Pumpkin feels Alana is better off with them.

So, they’re doing their best and trying to instill values in her. Most importantly, Pumpkin wants Alana Thompson to be able to talk to her, but she’s not having much luck, because she’s usually shutting herself off and stonewalling her. So, she recently asked Mama June: From Not to Hot.

Written by Christine Cohan

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  1. Hang in there w/ur very sweet sis..ur a very gud smother..ben a fan of alana from tots n will get better/u have beautiful daughter n very understanding husband/it will get better. .praying for ur mom..

  2. Please dont give up on her. I am praying God gives you Strength to deal with everyday life. Please not Your reward is Heavey Bound, you are trying very hard to make a home for her and your Child and Husband. Lasted but not lease your Husband, I truly admire him for standing by you. Please dont let her go with June or Surgarbear wife she is vindictive. Same pageant as your Baby who does that.I sm praying also June Sister positive

  3. Don’t give up Lauryn Shannon because if u give on her she will never forgive u trust me I been in ur shoe but I never gave on my kids I know she now ur kids but she is ur sister blood plzz just keep up want u doing ok take phone grounds her for a week I think you doing a good job

    I watch u and sister every Fri night

  4. Dear Pumpkin ,you have a maturity level adults twice your age don’t have ,it’s very difficult to parent at any age but your just barely 20 years old ,I’m very impressed by the boundaries you have set in place for your sister Alanna it’s obvious you love her very much she’s fortunate to have you in her life ,I’m so sorry you have to face emotional adult issues with so many eyes watching you but keep up the good work sweetheart you are just a doll all my love to you and your family
    I’m also praying your mom has a successful return to stability 😘💞

  5. Pumpkin I give u alot of credit. You are extremely mature for your age & have taken on alot of responsibility. I respect you & Josh, hes a good man & stands by your side & loves honey boo boo just as much as if she was his own. May God Bless u all & keep yous all safe & get momma June back & healthy to yous all. My prayers are with you all. Also for Doe Doe you care alot about your sister & worry all the time, stay strong & just be there for her when she needs you (cause she will) but don’t stop your life to worry about her & if she’s OK. (I know its hard) I watch you guys every Friday night!!! Love you guys, would be awesome to get to meet u all ine day. God Bless you all.

  6. Lauryn, You are an amazing sister , mother and wife. Please don’t give up on Alanna, no matter what she does Alanna loves you and needs you. Seek help from Doe Doe or Dr.Ish. Don’t let that vindictive viper Jennifer get Alanna cuz she doesn’t love Alanna she just wants to one up your mama. Not to sure about Mike(Sugarbear) don’t believe he wants Alanna around either. Ella Grace is precious. You and Josh just keep trying with Alanna. She will thank you later. God Bless you all

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