Sister Wives: What Did Kody Brown Want so Desperately?

Sister Wives: What Did Kody Want so Desperately?

Sister Wives’ celeb Kody Brown seemed unaware that Meri Brown was working on a live feed that LuLaRoe was selling when he came in this week. Meri was in front of the cameras talking to her audience and Kody suddenly appeared from behind. What shocked some fans was Meri’s willingness to drop everything and do whatever she asks.

Sister Wives: Kody Marriage Demise to Meri Just a Ploy?

This clip showing Meri Brown bending over backwards for Kody’s requests triggered a tsunami of online comments. Viewers of TLC’s Sister Wives are now wondering if Kody and Meri’s crumbling wedding was just a ploy for ratings.

This Sister Wives couple looks good together in the movie, except for Kody breaking in. He doesn’t seem to care what Meri was doing at the time. To make matters worse, she doesn’t seem to care either, because it seems like Kody comes first.

Kody Brown said last season on Sister Wives that he and Meri are no longer acting like a married couple. The way he freely disturbed her while she was working was bizarre. But the way she reacted didn’t seem like a marriage gone wrong.

Sister Wives: What Did Kody Want so Desperately?

If Kody and Meri wanted to offer a teaser for next season, this certainly worked. But she got the feel of the real deal and Meri stopped everything and did what her Sisters Wives asked her husband to do. Despite Meri being in the middle of a live sales show, Kody took the attention of his first wife.

Kody needed some legal documents signed right away. At one point, Meri asked what she was signing. She didn’t read anything. She just put her signature on the papers.

Kody said they were the “prohibition” papers. What prohibition is this? Then Kody told Meri, at another point, “it’s the title” as she went through the documents to add her signature.

Again, it seems Meri Brown isn’t too worried about what she’s signing. Then, when Kody tells her first spouse of Sister Wives that she needs photocopies of everything she just signed, she commits.

Once again, Meri gets pulled away from the camera by Kody. But before she leaves, she tells her fans to wait, he wants photocopies. Then she leaves, with the papers and Kody following her photocopier somewhere out of reach of the camera.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Meri please leave this so called family. They don’t have your best interest at heart. Kodi and rest of the broke people only be want your money. Run Meri Run

  2. U ne d to keep ur dirty laundry off of Flllcebook. U have these wife’s and not one of look happy. Maybe u should try b no wife.This show is crazy. Ur wife’s are be beautiful ladies and deserve so much more.Kody get over yourself. Prayers for the family andbwifes

  3. Robyn is nothing but trouble.. if she would tell Kody to be a good husband to all his wives, he would be better, but she is selfish and want Kody at her side all the time… does a couple have to be married to adopt kids? Maybe they said that just to get rid of Meri…

  4. Kody is so full of himself !! He thinks he is Mr. Wonderful when in REALITY he is just plain arrogant , selfish and Greedy ! Wants to be in TOTAL Control and these four women are crazy to let him Degrade and Control them like he does !! He would be NOTHING without them ! He acts like a king and you never see him do anything but boss everyone around! He is truly DISGUSTING ‼️‼️

  5. Attention all muppets….Meri is not leaving this drama. Too much dough to be made off the suckers that tune in and believe it is all real. It is a television drama folks , wake up. None of these women are leaving this guy, there all getting rich off the ratings. Enjoy it for what is is.

  6. Meri just leave Kodi alone hes after your money and property .I wouldnt sighn nothing but divorce.

  7. The Bible says u should have one wife or the vice versa I mean one husband.kody is liar the doctrine of manipulation to women,in after life there will be no marriage, only sons and daughters of yeshuah.

    • If I could have 4 husband’s I would. I’d manage the money and have one for everything. One for dancing, one for cooking me great dinners, one who likes to travel and one who can fix anything!!!

  8. I really feel that these women put their financial and children’s futures in danger. Not only did they move without first readying their property for sale in Las Vegas but they did not stop to think what was best for the family in Flagstaff. These wives want to live this life but they are so selfish. They should have found a very large home and all lived together. Saved their money, then built their new homes out at the property. The one house idea of Kody’s was great, and would have been great for the children. There comes a point when these women need to get over their jealousy! They choose to live this lifestyle, you share your husband. It’s not a secret he kisses the other wives, he holds their hands, he hugs them and he has sex with them. In one house he could keep that behind the closed door of each part of the house for each wife!!! As for Kody, he is a arrogant asshole, but you all know the women know what he is. I would never give him the time of day.

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