Mama June: From Not to Hot: The Root Of Alana Thompson’s Mother’s Problems

Mama June: From Not to Hot: The Root Of Alana Thompson’s Mother’s Problems

Mama June: From Not to Hot star Joanne Shannon sheds some light on the family cycle that keeps repeating itself. June Shannon’s struggle with men and drugs may be the result of the wrong choices June’s mother made during her childhood.

Now, explain what it was like for them to grow up and why June is so present on the reality show WEtv.

Mama June: From Not to Hot: The Root Of Alana Thompson’s Mother’s Problems

Joanne Shannon provided an insight that suggests Mama June’s problems stem from her childhood. She became excited because it is hard for her to see Lauryn go through what she went through. Pumpkin is raising Alana Thompson on Mama June: From Not to Hot as she raised June. And, Alana is in the same position with her mother as she was with her mother years ago. She said even though it was hard, she didn’t have a choice.

She didn’t want to repeat the cycle. Unfortunately, despite her sisters’ efforts, Mama June made some of the same mistakes as her mother. Even before this recent crisis with Geno Doak, her pattern with men is similar to her mother’s.

Remember that each of her four daughters has different fathers. So, her childhood may be the reason why she can’t establish healthy relationships with men. And the reason she chooses to rely on drugs to cope with the situation.

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Joanne Shannon and Mama June’s Childhood

About Mama June: From Not to Hot, Dr. Ish came to visit the family and get to the root of Alana Thompson’s actions. During the visit she explained that if a mother has had a difficult time at a certain age of adolescence there is a good chance that her daughter will have a difficult time at the same age. So this could be why Alana’s been acting strange lately.

Then he came home with Joanne Shannon when he asked about June’s relationship with her mother. She said she raised June most of her life because their mother went from man to man. She was only 16 when she had to assume the role of mother for Mama June. Of course, she did her best to keep Mama June away from their mother’s behavior to show her that this is not the way to be. However, it seems that the circle has closed on Mama June: From Not to Hot.

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  1. June made bad choices no doubt ! But i only wish her the best !! I wish pumpkin would lay way Jennifer up her big head ! Jennifer is ALL DRAMA !! She needs to be given the boot !!!

    • I agree with you.. Jennifer needs to know her place .. That photo shoot on the beach like mama did .. She needs to stop comparing herself w mama. She’s the stepmother not alana’s mother. Alana should stay w pumpkin. She’s doing a great job. Jennifer will (I feel )only show Alana another bad situation since she hates mama. U see So honey bear doesnt want Alana to live w them . good choice. I hope mama will get the help she needs n reunite with family what support her.

  2. I love Honey boo boo, and now seeing her at 13 is awesome I feel so sad for her. All she wants is her mom and the fun they use to have. What is up with Jennifer she can’t stand June but she is trying so hard to be just like her. When Jennifer lost the weight what happen that she talks like she is Mrs Thing. I dont ever remember her talking so proper

  3. I can’t stand Jennifer , I don’t know why she thinks she is a celebrity . She only wants Mike to go for full custody of Alana for the money and fame that Honey Boo Boo has . Jennifer is disgusting . I think Pumpkin is trying and doing the best job she can but she needs to grow up and not let Jennifer push her buttons . I have to admit I loved it when Ella won the Peoples Choice Award at the pageant and Harper had a meltdown . I would have felt bad for Harper if her granny hadn’t acted the way she did about the pageant .

  4. I don’t like a Jennifer all she wants is June’s life she thinking she helping Honey Boo Boo by taking her, she will break her heart if she did that. She should be ashamed.

  5. It’s pretty evident that Mike is not interested in having Alana full time. I think he cares about her as much as he is capable. Because of his history with men and women I’m guessing he might have suffered some childhood molestation as well.

    Jennifer is so selfish and conceited. I don’t like to say things about women because I am a girls girl and I prefer to lift others up. Maybe producers coach her and show her in this light but it is definitely not favorable. She talks about June leaving her kids well where are all of their fathers? Mike did the same thing choosing men and women over Alana. He allows Jennifer to abuse Pumpkin and Alana verbally.
    She is in it for “fame” regardless if it’s negative or positive.
    As for the red dress and swimsuit? She wore a coverup the entire time. Quit saying you wore it better….
    Gina is a pimp…….

  6. What is about “mama June” that WE tv hasn’t taken her off .There are other shows that people have done things and their shows have been taken off the air.The network is gonna come up with some kind of story that poor ole June is the victim in all of this.If you want to keep the show on tv have it about the other members of Mama June’s family and let her ride off into the sunset.

  7. I like the family I feel very sorry for them. I can’t stand Jennifer she is a nobody and don’t deserve anything. That family don’t need her around

  8. I don’t know why Jennifer hates June so much,she was the one sleeping with June’s man! She needs to be put in her place, and stop letting her get away with shit!!!

  9. That lady Jennifer has a mind of a child she really needs to grow up. How can you say a child is ugly when u r such a ugly person with an ugly personality. I’m glad Ella won the because Jennifer only enter her grandchild for spike. Sugar Bear should have not got involved with that crazy lady in the first place she’s always had a plot to destroy that family. She’s jealous of them. And I’m so mad at June she was a excellent mother on Honey BooBoo she was all about her girls,now that she lost that weight her head has gotten bigger because she’s only thinking about herself 😥 BRING BACK THE BIG JUNE SHANNON SHE WAS A GOOD MOTHER BUT NOW 👎

  10. Love the show. Just wish Pumpkin wouldn’t curse so much. The cycle will continue with Alana and Ella if Pumpkin continues like that. Also Courts for Children Services will use that against her especially with Jennifer trying for custody. Jennifer needs to go away.

  11. Mama June needs to step up and be a mother . There’s no excuse even if she had a bad childhood so did I … I had a hateful alcohol father who beat most of us kids and all he wanted to do was cheat and hit my mom.. but as an adult I’ll be damned if I turn out like my father. And shouldn’t look at the precious children that she has and appreciate them

  12. I like Mama June despite what she goin thru! We all fall short she is human ! Mistakes are made! But I think she should continue the show, it gives family that goin thru this same situation insight! I hope she get well! And I think Jennifer should stay out they business, she want to take June place. I think she want Alana for money sake ! She is not genuine!!! Jennifer is a b**ch!!

  13. I love the show and I have the upmost respect for pumpkin for taking charge. I am shocked at mama June and hope she gets it together soon.

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