90 Day Fiancé: David’s Odd Behaviors

90 Day Fiancé: David’s Odd Behaviors

90 Day Fiancé: spoiler finds out that we met David Murphey and his girlfriend, Lana. It took some time to meet Lana, but in last Sunday’s episode we finally saw her and David Murphey too!

During this season of the highly successful TLC series, viewers watched David Murphey as he waited and waited for this woman to arrive. However, some of his behavior seems very strange to some fans. Some fans thought that he has stalker behavior. What do you think? We have a little more knowledge of this.

When David Murphey first appeared on the show, we all thought Lana was a catfish. She and David Murphey chatted online for seven years and never met. David Murphey flew to Ukraine many times and she always stood him up. No wonder we thought she was a fake. Well, it’s not fake, but the ways David decided to find her were a little scary for some people.

90 Day Fiancé: David’s Odd Behaviors

Think about it… If you meet someone online and they stand you up, try to find out where they live? You show up at the address you have for them? Do you feel like a stalker if you ever thought about it? To some people, David Murphey’s behavior seems to have stalker tendencies.

David showed up at the place he thought she lived and without her approval. That doesn’t seem normal or good in the grand scheme of things, does it? When Lana stood him up again, David Murphey decided to hire a private investigator. When the private investigator told him that she had several dating site accounts, he didn’t believe him and fought him until he fired him. Hiring a private investigator also seems to take things a little too far. Doesn’t that seem like a stalker move to you?

The fans even called him on it. A fan wrote him, “It’s painful to look at you. If you act obtuse on purpose, have more respect for yourself.” You feel lonely and desperate, clinging to a dream that wants nothing to do with you.”

David told the fan, “I don’t control the editing. Viewers had a lot to say about David Murphey and his bizarre, yet stalkerish behavior. One guy wrote, “Yes, he went from a hallucination to a relapse. This makes me uncomfortable and makes me angry.” Another one wrote, “He’s so obsessive. It’s really creepy.”


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