90 Day Fiancé: David’s Odd Behaviors

90 Day Fiancé: David’s Odd Behaviors

90 Day Fiancé: spoiler finds out that we met David Murphey and his girlfriend, Lana. It took some time to meet Lana, but in last Sunday’s episode we finally saw her and David Murphey too!

During this season of the highly successful TLC series, viewers watched David Murphey as he waited and waited for this woman to arrive. However, some of his behavior seems very strange to some fans. Some fans thought that he has stalker behavior. What do you think? We have a little more knowledge of this.

When David Murphey first appeared on the show, we all thought Lana was a catfish. She and David Murphey chatted online for seven years and never met. David Murphey flew to Ukraine many times and she always stood him up. No wonder we thought she was a fake. Well, it’s not fake, but the ways David decided to find her were a little scary for some people.

90 Day Fiancé: David’s Odd Behaviors

Think about it… If you meet someone online and they stand you up, try to find out where they live? You show up at the address you have for them? Do you feel like a stalker if you ever thought about it? To some people, David Murphey’s behavior seems to have stalker tendencies.

David showed up at the place he thought she lived and without her approval. That doesn’t seem normal or good in the grand scheme of things, does it? When Lana stood him up again, David Murphey decided to hire a private investigator. When the private investigator told him that she had several dating site accounts, he didn’t believe him and fought him until he fired him. Hiring a private investigator also seems to take things a little too far. Doesn’t that seem like a stalker move to you?

The fans even called him on it. A fan wrote him, “It’s painful to look at you. If you act obtuse on purpose, have more respect for yourself.” You feel lonely and desperate, clinging to a dream that wants nothing to do with you.”

David told the fan, “I don’t control the editing. Viewers had a lot to say about David Murphey and his bizarre, yet stalkerish behavior. One guy wrote, “Yes, he went from a hallucination to a relapse. This makes me uncomfortable and makes me angry.” Another one wrote, “He’s so obsessive. It’s really creepy.”

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. This guy is way beyond crazy not sure what to think.
    First off i feel the show paid lana to show up absolutely 100% 5xs a no show suddenly she appears total bs.
    Then theres david a guy who spent over 100 grand chatting with someone for 7 years who refused to leave that site huh? He broke damn near every rule of international dating.
    He has dated close to 100 Ukrainian ladies n still isnt married i can now see why.
    This segment has garbage written allover it she wants zero part of him is getting paid by the dating site to scam men out of money and david to her is just another fish in the pond.
    Do i feel sorry for david hell no i dont cause it would of taken me 3 weeks on that site to figure out it was a garbage.

  2. David is so yucky to me. Oh my the stupid mmmmmm and noises he makes when he holds her makes me want to throw up in my mouth. I record it and fast forward his part on 90 day fiance so I don’t get grossed out again. 😝

  3. David is the creepiest man I have ever seen or watched on TV. You can say that you don’t control the editing but your giggles when Lana appeared we’re creepy and unsettling to say the least. You are a dirty desperate old man that deserves to live with your cats.

  4. The site she was on made her show up when they found out David hired that investigator.
    You can tell by the he hugs her she is so uncomfortable and does not wanna be there.

  5. LMAO, I so agree with Jacqueline, I was just telling my husband Last night that the weird ” MMmmmmMmmmm ” sounds creeped me the hell out .. he sounded like such a P*rv. I’m absolutely sure that TLC paid her to show up, I just don’t understand how he cannot see that, Way to frigging Gullable.

  6. Lana is smart —- notice how she always has her big purse covering the front of her body? I bet she bought that bag just for meeting David — so he can’t make full body contact with her.

    The “mmmmmmmmmmms” gross me out as well. He is old enough to be her father. In some families he could even be her grandpa.

  7. No I do not at all think he is creepy or a stalker. There’s alot of BAD, BAD, very bad people in the world that are absolutely void of any human decency. Morals, emotional intelligence and a conscience are like a language they don’t understand, words they’ ve never heard of never mind understand. This pandemic has made people all the worse.

    You can BET your sweet patooty that after all that time and money along with( the heart strings he’ s obviously had pulled he has every right to go and do some investigating ( after 7yrs and being stood up) to find out if she was real or if he was being SCAMMED.

    You can never know people too well even people that you have known for yrs ” in passing”. Its even easier to sit behind a computer and lie your head off. The responses Ive seen to this post are typical of what I would expect.
    Sorry but I think he had EVERY right to do what he did

  8. I think this guy David is not only Stupid but I feel the Biggest Fool the world has seen as no one with the slight common sense will wIt for 7 years to see a woman he is talking to and pay her tons of money and not ask her phone number to chat or tLk offline and still claims he Trust her .Both are totL scammers and he is very very Desperate to wait for someone for 7 years.

  9. David is creepy and stalker r and his long black leather coat doesn’t help at all. Lana is in it for the publicity and the money. Please TLC, stop being so obvious

  10. Are we not going to talk about how young lana was 7 years ago?? He is the creepiest man on tv right now and she thinks so too because she cringes every time he touches her!!

  11. For 7 years he created this whole fantasy about being with Lana. First of all shes way too young for him, did he ever consider she may want to have a family with someone her own age ? Did he ever ask her if she wants to travel around in a motor home? Just because he has some money does not mean he can buy her happiness.

  12. He is creepy in how he went about trying to get in touch with her. First of all if she stood him up that many times get a freaking clue. Keep it moving. That shows you how desperate he is. What pissed me off was he stated he wanted her to be affectionate with him and invited her to his hotel room. Dude really she just met you. Did you expect her to jump your bones asap? She isn’t even attracted to you. I can gather that through the t.v. so you should be able to tell in person. Go get somebody your own age and stop messing around with these young girls grandpa.

  13. I think David is a desperate freak and Lana is not 20 something she looks like a 30 something transvestite. …just saying

  14. She doesn’t want to be with him, plus after hiring an investigator and getting bad news he got mad at Him and didn’t believe a word he said!!! Why hire him then?? What an IDIOT!!!

  15. I think Lana needs to go back to Dracula’s lair. And David needs to come back to earth. He is so out of touch with reality. He’s in his sixties and thinks Lana in her twenties would truly be interested? If they’ve been in touch for 7 years, he’s a pedophile too.

  16. I would have investigated her too. When you don’t meet somebody for 7 yrs it’s because she doesn’t want to meet you. I don’t find him to be a stalker. After all she took money from him. I would have investigated to see if she was real. I wouldn’t have continue this relationship when she didn’t show the first time.

  17. I would have investigated her too. When you don’t meet somebody for 7 yrs it’s because she doesn’t want to meet you. I don’t find him to be a stalker. After all she took money from him . When she did not show up the first time I would have ended the relationship.

  18. Anyone else realize that when David first started talking with Lana that she was only 17 YEARS OLD!!!
    What does that make David, besides creepy?

  19. Very obsessed with her. she probably talked sex with him. thinking she would never see him. she was just in it for the money and gifts Phone sex I bet. nothing like a old fool. she wouldn’t tell how much she scammed oout of him. while he has fallen in live with a dream if a hoar that she IS

  20. He’s a creep and very desperate. I cannot imagine having a “relationship ” with someone who I have never met. They say “we have been dating”, dating? That’s insane!! He’s being taken for all he has and he obviously doesn’t care. Maybe if he bought a new coat, jeans that didn’t bunch up around his ankles because they are too long and a different hair cut he MIGHT have a better chance with her. Oh and STOP acting so desperate and creepy!!

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