Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad Claimed Derek Sherman’s Actions Didn’t Match Up With His Words

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad Claimed Derek Sherman’s Actions Didn’t Match Up With His Words

Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad certainly didn’t have it easy in their marriage in Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 10. While the couple looked like a passionate young lovebird on a romantic honeymoon in Panama and at their wedding, things quickly got worse when they realized how different they really were.

Derek often seemed discouraged by Katie’s explosive and confrontational style of communication. Meanwhile, Katie accused Derek of being emotionally immature and childish, and even behaving differently when the cameras were off. She was also jealous of his romantic past and thought his dreams for the future were silly and unrealistic.

Many “Married at First Sight” fans were surprised that Katie and Derek decided to stay together on Decision Day. In particular, some viewers thought that Derek Sherman made a mistake by choosing to stay with Katie because of his often offensive and aggressive way of talking to him.

But in several recent interviews – ahead of the April 22 reunion episode aired on Lifetime – Katie spoke out against the way she was portrayed on the show. The mental health professional also explained why she often seemed so angry and frustrated with her husband in front of the camera.

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad Claimed Derek Sherman’s Actions Didn’t Match Up With His Words

In a statement to Screen Rant, 26-year-old Katie Conrad said she called Derek “boyfriend” because, in her opinion, he showed a lack of “emotional maturity” and “follow-up”. While her 26-year-old husband often made big promises after a fight, the star of “Married at First Sight” claimed that he often broke his vows.

“She used a lot of nice words, but that didn’t manifest itself in her actions with me in building our bond,” Katie wrote in her statement, adding that her behavior in front of the camera was often different from her behavior in private.

Married to First Sight star also said Derek’s hopes and dreams turned her out, making her less willing to look up to him as a leader in their marriage. “In my opinion, he had childish goals and ambitions that were not very concrete or mature,” said Katie, “and that was hard for me to accept or like.

Despite Katie and Derek’s passionate honeymoon, the young couple struggled very early in their marriage. Katie told In Touch Weekly exclusively that she often found it “hard to be happy” with Derek at first because of their extreme differences in values, personalities and communication styles.

While Katie was physically attracted to her husband right away, her attraction to his personality was not so immediate. Not only did she [had] traits that I didn’t want or dislike, but I obviously didn’t have the opportunity to appreciate them before I got married,” said the star of Married at First Sight.

As to why she and Derek often seemed so at odds with each other, and even hopeless for their future – it wasn’t too far off, according to Katie.

“There were several times during the experiment when I had the feeling that our personalities and our relationship needs collided and that it wasn’t going to work,” Katie admitted. And when their future seemed increasingly “unlikely,” she explained, the couple “stopped being teammates,” leading to many of the fights we saw between them.

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  1. The amount of grammatical errors in this article is shocking….apparently the author has difficulty identifying the correct gender pronouns. Author is describing her husband using ‘she’ and ‘her’ , and the wife ‘his’. Editors need to do their job.

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