Sister Wives Fans Have Mixed Feelings

Sister Wives Fans Have Mixed Feelings

The season finale of Sister Wives aired on Sunday, April 12. Fans are already beginning to wonder if and if next season will happen. So, what is the status of Season 15 of the TLC show?

The season finale of Season 14 aired on April 12. So, Sunday, April 19 is the first Sunday in a while that fans will not see the Brown family on their television sets. The finale focused mainly on the birth of Maddie Brown Brush’s baby Evie. Fans enjoyed this transition from the family’s home drama. Of course, the episode was very special for the family. And, viewers were also excited about the difficult birth and the complications.

Fans believe that this episode was the perfect way to end the season. After the episode, Maddie thanked her followers for their support as the episode aired. Now, fans are already anxious to know what will happen to Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Will There Be Another Season?

There’s no mention of a 15th season at the moment. Since the finale aired so recently, no news of renewal or cancellation has come out. Maybe it’s too early to know for sure.

The coronavirus is likely to have an impact on filming and production. We may also see a delay in renewal because TLC won’t be able to shoot for the foreseeable future. Only time will tell how it will end.

While Season 14 aired on TLC, fans shared their frustration. Many of them overcame the drama, especially with regard to the housing situation. They felt the conversation about the house was prolonged and boring.

Over the years, the Brown family has received both love and hate during the show. Some TLC fans don’t like the polygamic lifestyle and don’t like TLC to broadcast the show. But others, of course, love Sister Wives. It’s not clear how the reaction that TLC is getting will affect the return of the show on the air.

Fans also often say that the show is scripted. Kody Brown recently denied this statement, but no one really knows what’s going on behind the scenes. If enough fans get tired of the seemingly scripted show, this too could lead to its end.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. I don’t agree with polygamy, but if they’re going to live that lifestyle, Kody needs to quit being a jerk. They all need to quit living beyond their means, and stop making babies, so they can take care of the children they already have. Maybe the wives need to kick Cody to the curb and start making new and better lives for their selves. Mary is the smartest one in the whole bunch. It doesn’t appear she would be financially hurting, if she walked away from it all. At the very least, all the wives should take Kody down and shave his head. He’s too stuck on himself. I bet he couldn’t handle it and he would cry like a baby. LOL

  2. Beautiful baby. She will go far. Kody needs to sell the land which they will not build on. Kody is mean too Meri. If she leaves him she will lose all her family even her mom. Kody should not put one wife over the other. Why should one wife get $900,000 house and the others rent, except Christine, and her house is smaller. I really don’t believe in their life style the wives don’t get any say. It’s a show. I’m with the Las Vegas house, it made life better.

  3. I am so sick of looking at Kody and that mop on his head that he calls hair. He needs to get out of the hippie era and start looking like a real man. It’s no wonder they’re always broke as he says he builds new homes every time they move! Everything is always about him and he thinks he has his wives on little puppet strings. He needs a rude awakening!!!
    Stop having kids and get everyone a home and stay there for Pete’s sake and quit moving!!!!!

  4. Oh Judy Jacobson, I’m with you there all the way!!!
    I think He should take his “LOVE” Robyn and just go…. right AFTER they shave his head and find a way to make it NEVER grow back!
    Either Love and Live your Lifestyle or Don’t but make up your and the poor women’s minds that call themselves your wives!

  5. Cody is so stuck on himself!! Get rid of that mop on his head! Mary can earn her own living. She is going to go far.

  6. I don’t see why Meri would keep financially supporting a family and a husband that treat her so badly it’s obvious he don’t love her or want to touch her sexually he told her to her face in front of all America
    It’s all about the money to help him support his wives and kids heck he would have to give me some for my money and his wives would show me so Respect

  7. The Sister Wives family certainly do live beyond their means. Million dollar homes, with more room than they probably need, and top of the line cars. Maybe they wouldn’t have so many financial issues if they weren’t so materialistic and be more about the religion they profess about.

  8. I don’t understand how 4 seemingly smart women are sharing 1 man. If this was. Traditional polygamy, and he worked to support them all and they lived in the same house it would be easier to understand. However, this is like one pimp and 4 unwed mother’s just supporting him and their children. Waiting for their turn if he has time. I don’t see how the children benefit from this either. Instead of seeing their dad and siblings every day, it’s every 4 days! How do you call that a family?

  9. I thought the finale wasn’t about what I wanted to watch terribly boring. If they wanted houses all of them maybe smaller houses would have worked they should all live in one house if they are sister wives

  10. Cancel the show . How can they own bussinesses. Own expensive cars and homes. And so on and still get welfare. Not right.People are starving living on streets. Make shows about those people pay them so they can at least get a roof over there head. Besides there is nothing exciting about them anymore.

  11. What is spiritual about the relationship between Kody and Meri? Where is the forgiveness? Where is the for better or worse? Where is the decency of expressing on national tv how you cannot touch your spiritual wife? This is a good example of the ridiculous so called religious reason for polygamy. Cannot even see beyond his point of view. Love is an action not a reaction. Grow up!

  12. This last season was super boring. It was all about Robyn whining that she needed a MANSION FOR HER KIDS..Kody and Robyn could care less about his other kids. Kody didn’t even know Gabriel was taking classes to finish up high school and get into college early!!..

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