Sister Wives: Christine In the Orbit of Kody

Sister Wives: Christine In the Orbit of Kody

Sister Wives star Christine Brown gushes about her husband sharing Kody Brown in a recent social media post after seeing herself in this week’s episode. Christine Brown started her post with “I know this doesn’t matter but”… then continued with her observation.

Unfortunately for Christine Brown, some of her fans agreed with her. They posted comments like, “you’re right, it doesn’t matter.”

Sister Wives: Christine In the Orbit of Kody

The third wife of the Sister Wives clan, Christine Brown, cannot hide her overwhelming desire to be in Kody’s orbit. She seems to jump every time she gets close to her common husband.

So, it’s no secret that Christine is still in love with Kody Brown. She’s probably as crazy about him today as she was when she first got married in this polygamous marriage.

In one of the last episodes of this season, Christine Brown failed to cover her enthusiasm when she took Kody for the night. Kody Brown explained to the Sister Wives audience how her program for the night works in different situations.

Christine Brown said that when he or one of his Sister Wives is absent for several days, the program changes. The first night they return, he spends that night in his bedroom.

It seemed like it was his way of celebrating their homecoming. For Christine Brown, that meant she was spending a night without Kody Brown in North Carolina. He hadn’t seen Janelle in a while since she was at NCIS with Maddie. But maybe not…

Sister Wives: Night By Default

So when the head of the family arrived in North Carolina, Janelle Brown had been at Maddie’s house and away from Kody Brown for more than a while. That meant it was her turn to stay with Kody for the night. But an overwhelmed and exhausted Janelle decided to give it all up instead of sleeping well.

The only other wife there with Kody Brown was Christine. Apparently, she won by default and Kody spent the night with her. Christine looked into the Sister Wives camera and called it a polygamy advantage. She couldn’t hide her happiness when she walked out the door with Kody.

So while fans agreed with Christine Brown that her post didn’t matter, she seemed to care. Looks like she might have had an agenda hidden in this post.

Apparently, while watching Sunday night’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody’s T-shirt reminded Christine Brown of something. She said she didn’t have any clothes to wear while she was at Maddie’s because they didn’t expect her to give birth so soon.

Christine Brown stayed longer than expected once the baby was born. And she had an extra night because of Janelle’s tiredness.

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