Shayne Jansen Slams ‘Perfect Match’ Season 2 Cast for Chasing Fame Over Love

Shayne Jansen Slams 'Perfect Match' Season 2 Cast for Chasing Fame Over Love

Shayne Jansen, a familiar face from “Love Is Blind” Season 2 and “Perfect Match,” has stirred up controversy. On June 10, Jansen took to Facebook to claim that none of the contestants on “Perfect Match” Season 2 are genuinely looking for love. Instead, he asserts they are there for “a paycheck and clout.”

Jansen shared, “These contestants have only returned to get ‘a paycheck and clout’ and assured fans it’s not a show to actually take seriously.” He emphasized his belief that this is the true motivation behind most dating show participants.

This statement is particularly striking given Jansen’s own history. He appeared on both “Love Is Blind” and the premiere season of “Perfect Match,” where his relationships did not last. However, he has amassed over 600,000 social media followers and now charges $69 for personalized Cameos. It’s unclear if he includes himself in his critique.

Love Is Blind: Chloe Veitch & Shayne Jansen Post-Show Updates

The relationship between Chloe Veitch and Shayne Jansen has evolved significantly since “Perfect Match.” Chloe, known from “Too Hot to Handle” and “The Circle,” and Shayne had an immediate connection on the show. Their chemistry seemed strong, but complications arose when Chloe’s ex, Mitchell Eason, appeared.

Chloe Veitch chose to rekindle her relationship with Mitchell, leaving Shayne feeling abandoned. Despite reuniting later, they did not win, losing to Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati.

Love Is Blind: Breakup After the Show

Fans had high hopes for Chloe and Shayne, but their relationship ended after filming. Chloe confirmed the split in a March 2023 interview with Today, saying, “We’re not together, unfortunately. Towards the end of the episodes in Perfect Match, there were some bumpy roads, up and down.” She suggested that her choices on the show impacted their relationship.

Shayne Jansen struggled to forgive Chloe Veitch for her brief romance with Mitchell. Chloe explained, “When we got outside of the villa, the bubble that we had around us just popped. I will find my perfect match one day.”

Love Is Blind: Chloe’s New Relationship

After breaking up with Shayne, Chloe quickly moved on. She started dating hockey player Ivan Lodina after meeting him in Malibu. Chloe made the first move, asking for Ivan’s number and extending her stay to spend more time with him. She said, “I am extremely happy and definitely having kids when I’m 26, so I haven’t got any time to waste!”

However, the relationship appears to have ended, as they haven’t been seen together or followed each other on Instagram in months.

Love Is Blind: Shayne’s Difficult Year

Shayne Jansen faced a challenging year in 2022. In October, he lost his mother, who he described as his best friend. He shared his grief on Instagram, writing, “I lost my best friend today. For the last year, we have been inseparable. Coffee every morning to ‘Schitt’s Creek’ every night. I’m broken inside but I know I can live with zero regrets knowing we did everything together.”

The combination of losing his mother and his relationship made 2022 particularly tough for Shayne.

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