Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Announcement Met With Mixed Reactions

Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Announcement Met With Mixed Reactions

The many members of the Brown family of Sister Wives have been open about their financial struggles. Kody Brown and his four wives have a total of 18 children, and it is not always easy to provide for so many children.

However, his third wife Christine Brown has found a new way to make some money for the family: she’s selling the Cameos (short videos customized for fans) for $35 each.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Announcement Met With Mixed Reactions

Christine Brown announced that on Tuesday (August 11) she will make the Cameos. The cameo has become a popular platform for reality stars, but many Sister Wives fans were not behind Christine Brown’s decision. Many viewers had less favorable comments about Christine’s new business venture.

“I can’t believe I respected the Browns, but they would have sold their souls… too bad it came to this if you fight for money… …to downsize and live a simpler life,” commented one disapproving follower.

Another viewer echoed the sentiment, saying, “Seriously… a personal greeting.” You could be on TV… for all the wrong reasons… but sorry, it’s not worth saying goodbye to you… especially in Australia”.

One fan had trouble not with the platform, but with the price. “How do you charge more than @janellebrown117,” she said, “Should be equal.” Christine’s sister wife, Janelle Brown, also sells cameos, but she charges $5 less.

But although some fans were critical, there were many who were happy to hear about Christine Brown’s cameos. “I always wanted a “shoutout” from you guys! Obsessed with your family,” wrote a fan who supports you.

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  1. So not interested got way better thing to spend my money on. Why doesn’t their family LEARN to LIVE WITH THEIR MEANS . They make a lot more money than most . Very wasteful.

  2. They make money off the show it called stop having kids tell Cody have his dick clip i think a man should merry one women not all the sister too thats just down right sick. 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  3. I am SO with you Jim! And maybe they should have thought about how they were going to pay for SO many children.
    I am not against their lifestyle. If that is what they want to do, that is their business, until they start having to get assistance from the state, then I think that it becomes everyone’s business especially if they put their business in TV for EVERYONE to see.
    I feel sorry for Meri, Jenelle and Christine because watching them for SO many year’s they seem like lovely ladies but it seems like he has sucked all of their self esteem and confidence out of them. And I think Robyn knew exactly what she was doing and going to do before she met this family. Remember which family she comes from, she needed to know how to survive and get what she wanted. Look where the other wives are at and where she is. Legal wife with access to everything! The other’s will get the crumbs if she feels like it.
    It makes me sick how Kody treats the other’s but wants their money and they give it and support his and Robyn’s lazy assess! It is a bit disgusting, but none of my business. However since they put their business out there, I can comment.😊

  4. All the moms need to go to work like everyone else. They are no different except they think there entitled not to work. Every mom works with children there age. And Cody is the laziest of them all. He thinks his job is house jumping. A real father who has 18 children needs to support them. Get off tv and get to work. Try selling some of your land that’s what most people would do if they can’t afford to support their children and wives.

  5. This entire family is ridiculous. They’re felons! The show is stupid, who the fuck cares about a stupid jobless loser has 4 wives. And even worse is stupid women, in this case 4 of them sharing they’re FLDS life. True form this is not FLDS. These are 5 greedy adults moking themselves on TV. Paying half a cent for they’re BS story is stupid.
    Why cant the circus leader Cody get a job?
    Why can they not down size and live simpler?
    These crooks con artist felons are stealing from the fans of thier lame show..
    In closing. Watching four insecure uneducated woman and 1 lazy jobless so called husband honestly much lower ones IQ…

  6. Why do people think this group is so great. It’s illegal and immoral. Why do these wives allow Cody to sleep around and put up with it? I think Meri is finally figuring it out. I want my husband to be a full time partner and father. Wake up!!!

  7. Here’s an idea Christine maybe you shud have your baby daddy get a job where he leaves home and arrives at a job and clocks in for eight hours instead of marrying (we know that bs too cuz he’s only married to one of ya) a bunch of people to knock them up and expect them to support you why not that because none of ya have the nerve you’re weak spineless desperate people PERIOD

  8. Well, I feel the need to say that Meri has 2 jobs. One is selling the clothing line that she sells. Then she came up with the needed money to put a down payment and money to refurbish her bed and breakfast. Her bed and breakfast seems to be doing well. I might also add that Kody and the other wives refused to help her financially. She just worked her butt off to make the money from selling her clothing line. They had a nice deal going in Las Vegas. Then Kody the financial genius that he is had the wives sell their houses at a loss. Then move to Arizona. Then his next idea 💡 is to get a $900,000 home for Robyn. Then let’s spend more money they don’t have, they buy an undeveloped piece of land for $800,000. Of course there is no money to build on this land. Don’t know what he is smoking, but it must be something that makes him insane!!! I do feel sorry for Christine. She has a daughter who has Scoliosis. She needs $300,000 to get her the surgery she needs. Guess Kody doesn’t feel the need to hold a job or have health insurance for the families. It is just sad for the children!

  9. In my opinion, their financial issues stems from Kody being an a** making them move from Vegas because he didn’t want to live there anymore. Buying property he couldnt afford without selling his homes first. These woman were settled and happy. He was.determined to have them move before then of summer…he is a poor excuse for a man, these woman could do better. MOVE ON LADIES, PLEASE

  10. Cody is lazy as and feeds on these Lady’s I feel they are victims of some kind of brain washing that started at a young age. Lady’s kick his lazy ass to the curve make him support you all do you think he would be with the 4 of you if he had to work and support you all . you are all very smart and beautiful you could do this without him .

  11. I have been bored to tears with your story for years. It seems like the men get the better end of the deal . What happens if the women want more than one husband if you believe in plural families it should work both ways. Then there is all the bickering and drama bullshit between the wives. Well you signed up to share a man and life why are you jealous and bickering then. You knew what it would be. TLC take them off the air bored too tears. We have more information things to be concerned with these days.

  12. Cody Brien is not a good provider! He has no clue how to do a budget! He has a ideal and goes for it without thinking it through !

    2 he does not live like a Polygamy family. He spends his time with just one wife and supports only her!
    So Vody your friends that have Polygamy living you should follow them and see how it’s truly done

  13. Look I think the coyote pass thing was an excuse to stay relevant and on TV. So was Vegas honestly. But you do know that Cody has a job right? He’s self employed and we don’t know what he does but he has to make millions. I think we met his partner on the show.

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