Sister Wives: Christine Has Agenda for Weight Loss?

Sister Wives: Christine Has Agenda for Weight Loss?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s weight loss has prompted fans to be excited about how great she looks, but now some think she’s gone a little overboard. It seems that a new photo of Christine Brown has fans focusing on the weight she’s lost on her face.

Sister Wives: Christine Has Agenda for Weight Loss?

While she has completely lost weight, the weight loss also appears on her face. Christine has a more sculptural appearance, with her cheekbones very visible when she smiles from ear to ear as in her new photo below. ‘

The comments about the slimmed-down Christine Brown flooded online for months. Headlines were screaming for the fans to see the before and after pictures of the Sister Wives celeb. Fans are excited about how well this fellow woman is taking care of her slimming.

Stories that suggest all sorts of reasons behind Kody Brown’s third wife’s determination to shed those pounds. Many fans believed Christine Brown’s motivation for this weight loss was to get the attention of the Sister Wives’s Patriarch.

Sister Wives: Shut Down By Kody

The “fun wife”, as her “Sister Wives” calls her husband, makes no secret of the fact that she needs his attention. She has made movements on Kody several times during the seasons, while the camera only rolled to be turned off.

When Christine goes to get hugged from time to time, Kody Brown doesn’t seem happy when she subtly moves away. This most likely has something to do with one of her rules. He’s adamant about showing no affection to a wife if there’s a chance the other wives might see him.

Christine Brown carried an extra burden for a few years while filming Sister Wives. But suddenly she went on a diet and lost weight. Fans couldn’t praise her enough for her looks, especially once she seemed to have achieved her goal of losing weight.

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