Sister Wives: Where Is Kody?

Sister Wives: Where Is Brown?

The financial situation of the Brown family does not seem to improve. But the good thing is that the wives take on the debt one by one to get out of debt. And this time it’s Christine’s turn. Just like her fellow sister wife Janelle Brown, she has taken a similar initiative to get the Brown family out of debt.

Sister Wives: Where Is Kody?

We know how competitive Christine Brown is to get Kody Brown’s attention. Maybe that’s why she set a higher price for her services than Janelle Brown. However, speaking of whom, fans have been wondering where Kody Brown is all the time his wives are trying to get him out of debt.

Although the competitiveness between the two wives seemed obvious, the fans were more interested in knowing where Kody Brown is. Looks like these concerts are another way to help the common husband.

Some fans also think that if Kody Brown signs up for Cameo, he could make a lot of money. In fact, a 90 Day Fiance star said he made $27,000 with Cameo. Considering that Kody has been on the air for about 14 seasons, there’s no reason he can’t make a name for himself on the website.

Christine Brown has already been an outspoken supporter of LuLaRoe. In fact, she made about $25,000 just by selling LuLaRoe merchandise. The third wife ended up using the money for her daughter’s surgery.

Now she has taken another step to help with the family finances. In addition to encouraging fans to buy her LuLaRoe collection, she has created an account on Cameo, just like Janelle Brown. She posted on Instagram that on occasions she would offer personalized wishes to fans for $35. That also means she raises Janelle Brown to $5. Janelle offers the same for $30. That’s how it works. Sisters Wives fans ask their favorite star to make a personalized video message for a fee. Most reality stars use it as an extra income source. The stars decide their rates and Christine Brown thinks her message is worth more than Janelle.

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  1. Just when I think that the Browns can get any sillier they prove me wrong. I don’t feel sorry for the 4 women. They made they choice to hook up with Kody who is nothing short of being a meathead. And they have multiple children with him that they obviously cannot afford. Christine wants the public to bail her out for the cost of her daughter’s surgery. And also pay her and Janelle for something stupid as them posting what we say. And where is Kody during all of this mess? Probably looking for a new wife. Not one of the Brown’s have any common sense when it comes to finances. Plus the over the top weddings….you have got to be kidding. Christine and Kody are responsible for their daughter’s surgery! Not the public! Christine, go get a job! Janelle go get a job! Robyn, go get a job! Meri, get a house house to live in without your over the top needs! Frankly I have no idea what those women see in Kody. He is a bully and a real idiot who’s wants come before anyone elses!

  2. Kody. Get a real job. Support all your wives and all your children . You stop being such a pampered princess . You have to support your own family not have others do it for you. You wanted lots of children support them, pay their medical Bill’s. You make me sick.

  3. I just started watching this show last year and admit I did go back and watched the earlier episodes. The whole time, I can’t recall him having a paying job. However, it was obvious he was going to make the decisions for all four families. Meri and Janelle seem to be the bread makers in the mix and they certainly have more financial sense then Kody’s out of touch dreams. They probably move to avoid the bill collectors going deeper down the rabbits hole. If Christine has a fund on FB to help with medical bills I figure it’s ok. If someone wants to donate do so but I do hope the series doesn’t show her flipping out like how she has all these problems. It’s the reality of not having medical insurance. The new luxury cars could bring in some funds and down size on the rentals might help. Anyway, Meri girl you need to smile and be glad you’re not legally tied to kody. You’re going to go places! Janelle, you know what’s happening, so either hang with them or not. Christine, mellow out on the drama and get a job that pays. Again ladies, it’s the lifestyles you have chosen to participate in. But you can also (Meri) find a man that worships you for who you are. Married 46 years each year is finer than the years before. Good luck ladies!

  4. Kody makes about $400k per episode (less taxes) – but making payments on nice cars and houses (times 4) in addition to living expenses for so many kids has got to be tough – it’s an entertaining show – and controversial – everyone can second guess his decisions but would you really want to be in his place – moreover, he’s got to continue to have a plot that’ll keep his show going – hence, keep his ship afloat.

  5. Ladies: Why would you pack up and move on Kody’s never ending whims. Not even a normal family does that. Its a proven fact that men have no common sense, and that without women they would be screwed. Kody has four brilliant women, he has four chances to be grounded where, most only have one.
    Why are you letting him do this to you and your children? Thank goodness three of you are no longer able to reproduce. Get out while you can. Good luck Robin, you have a long road to tow.

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