Sister Wives: Is Meri Feeling Boxed In?

Sister Wives: Is Meri Feeling Boxed In?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown looks like she’s ready to shout her frustration from a mountain top, but social media will have to do it instead. Seems like the walls have been closing in on her lately. It seems she felt like she was rolling along with everyone else until it hit her “hard”.

Meri claims she’s lost people. But who are the people she really misses? A recent booth fever rant might shed some light on that.

Sister Wives: Is Meri Feeling Boxed In?

The original matriarch of The Sister Wives shares her recent revelation with fans. But she only preaches to the choir, as many in the nation feel today. Meri claims she refuses to believe that this is the new norm in the world. But that diatribe also offered some insight into the Brown family.

It sounds like it suddenly hits her after four months of semi-isolation. It doesn’t sound like she’s seeing one of Sister Wives’ kids because she says she misses them. From what she says online, it sounds like she hasn’t seen anyone.

Robyn Brown and Meri are not only co-wives in the Sister Wives clan, but they are also best friends. Meri claims she misses the shenanigans with her bestie. So, it sounds like she didn’t spend time with Robyn either.

Meri has posted some of her old Sister Wives social media photos, like the ones below. After that she attached her pride and joy to each comment section. Apparently they show her favorite things she misses today.

It seems that the photo with Mariah and Audrey represents the family. Yet the only other family member she photographed is little Ariella Brown, Kody and Robyn Brown’s youngest daughter.

Although Meri Brown doesn’t call anyone by name, she does offer suggestions. But there doesn’t seem to be any mention of the common husband or his twin wives other than Robyn.

During the Sister Wives episode, where Meri was in therapy with her shared husband, Kody Brown revealed something about Meri. He said she only seems happy when she’s with her friends. She doesn’t act that way when she’s with family.

From what Meri describes in her feverish booth rash, she seems to offer evidence of who she likes to spend time with. She said she misses sharing space with “her people.” The word “family” doesn’t come up anywhere.

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