Sister Wives: Christine Hustles To Make A Living.

Sister Wives: Christine Hustles To Make A Living.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is back at it again. However, her frenzy has never really died down. As fans know, Christine has many side businesses. On May 15, 2020, she started her own legal business, CBrown Quest, LLC. She has filed the LLC with the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Christine Brown is also a proud LuLaRoe dealer. She still promotes the company to this day, even in the midst of all its controversies. Fans don’t understand why Christine and Meri are so loyal to the struggling company until they see dollar signs. Christine also makes cameos as Janelle and her ex-husband, Kody Brown.

Christine Brown posted a carousel of photos on Instagram. The first photo shows her smiling in a sheer pink cardigan, which she paired over a black and white polka dot top. She took the selfie from her car. The rest of the photos show the before and after of the people who joined her show. They looked happier as they showed off their weight loss.

In the long post, Christine encouraged her fans to join Plexus. She had a message for those who are on the fence. Christine credits the plant-based vegetarian diet for maintaining the pounds lost. She also swears by this diet because it maintains energy levels without the afternoon slump.

Christine Brown concluded her post by asking fans to send her a message. She also sent them to her other Instagram account, which provides more information about Plexus. The TLC star is back at it again on Instagram. She also disabled comments so that skeptics and trolls can’t spoil her fun.

Sister Wives: Christine Hustles To Make A Living.

Christine launched a new business two years ago. This came when she raised $50,000 for her daughter’s surgery amidst the family’s ongoing financial troubles. In May 2020, she introduced CBrown Quest, LLC. The business description is for “any legal purpose,” per The Sun.

Christine Brown is determined to make money on her own terms. She launched the business amid her daughter’s medical problems. In June 2020, she announced that she had raised $25,000 for her daughter’s scoliosis surgery. The reality star did this by selling LuLaRoe clothing.

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