Sister Wives: Christine Landed Her Own Cooking Show.

Sister Wives: Christine Landed Her Own Cooking Show.

From the moment Christine Brown announced her divorce from Kody, Sister Wives fans have been begging TLC for a spinoff. They longed to see Christine single thrive in all her glory. Apparently, the network heard the fans’ cries.

The Sister Wives star got her own series with the network centered around JUST her. What is Christine Brown’s new TLC series all about?

Sister Wives: Christine Landed Her Own Cooking Show.

News broke out on social media this morning that a new TLC series starring Christine Brown is on the way. In a short clip, Christine Brown notes that fans may recognize her from Sister Wives. In a series called Cooking With Just Christine, fans will get to know the TLC star’s love of cooking. She explains in the clip that she really loves to cook and plans to share some of her favorite recipes with the world.

The short clip making the rounds on social media reveals that her daughter Truely Brown may also be part of the series. One clip shows her daughter Truely walking into the kitchen while she is cooking. So maybe she will help her mother with some of the recipes. A separate clip reveals that her daughter Mykelti might also be part of the series.

Many Sister Wives fans admit that they don’t even bother with cooking shows. But they will watch this series in a heartbeat to support Christine Brown. Other fans admit that they are simply thrilled to see Christine beaming with joy as she walks her path to happiness.

Unfortunately, the clip doesn’t come with a premiere or a release date. It only teases that Christine Brown Brown’s new series titled Cooking With Just Christine is “coming soon.” The end of the clip also states that the series will be coming soon to

So, it is possible that the series may not actually air on television. It could be a web exclusive series. At the moment, fans will just have to wait for more details about Christine Brown’s new TLC series to become available.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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