Sister Wives: What’s Robyn Brown’s True Issue?

Sister Wives: What’s Robyn Brown’s True Issue?

Robyn Brown hasn’t been too kind to former third wife Christine Brown in recent times. In the recent tell-alls, Sister Wives: One on One, Robyn had some strong opinions. She discussed Kody and Christine’s divorce, which she believes is invalid. Also, in an upcoming clip, she witnesses Christine’s breakup, but says she is devastated by her choice to leave.

When Robyn Brown began immersing herself in the Brown family in 2010, Christine Brown was the third wife and homemaker. She was caring for the then 12 children between Meri, Janelle and herself. At the time, Christine was also pregnant with her sixth child, Truely. Viewers had a very difficult time with Kody because he was out on a date, smooching Robyn when Christine was in labor. Perhaps that’s when the disagreement between the two ladies really began.

Once they left Utah and the single-family home, each wife was introduced to living in their own homes, but close together. It was a newfound freedom and they liked it, especially Christine Brown. As viewers would later learn, she had been the basement wife in Utah. This meant she was the lowest on the totem pole and was expected to be the most submissive. After about ten years, she was exhausted, so she told Kody how she felt. To him, he believed she was breaking the marriage contract.

Luckily, Robyn Brown came along and picked up all the pieces. She only really got along with Meri, while Janelle and Christine Brown were very close. At the time of the pandemic, the only wife Kody had a functioning marriage with was Robyn and in November 2021, Christine chose to leave. She returned to Utah and has never been happier. Once the tell-all started, Robyn had some thoughts about Christine and they were not the best.

Sister Wives: What’s Robyn Brown’s True Issue?

Robyn Brown constantly shows her true colors while contradicting herself. She claims she doesn’t want monogamy and yet she is determined to make sure Kody is always at her house. Now, during the second part of the tell-all, she says a few things to ruffle Christine’s feathers.

First, she claims that both Christine and Janelle were not as welcoming to her and her three children. Next, she claimed that Christine and Kody were still married. Since they were married in a particular church, it is up to them to declare the couple divorced.

Christine has not been a member of that church for years, so in her mind, this does not apply to her. She also doesn’t need someone to tell her whether or not she is divorced, considering it was a spiritual and not a legal matter. According to Screen Rant, these are all factors that play into the fact that Robyn doesn’t love Christine. Yet, there seems to be more to it than that. A lot of it goes back to Christine and Kody’s separation. Robyn believes that Christine should have tried harder.

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