Sister Wives: Robyn’s Marriage With Kody

Sister Wives: Robyn’s Marriage With Kody

Sister Wives spoilers and updates indicate that Robyn Brown wants her sister wives’ marriage to work as well. But she wants them to put more effort into fixing their relationship with Kody Brown.

In the Sister Wives reunion special party with host Sukanya Krishnan, Robyn Brown broke down in tears and said that Meri, Janelle and Christine Brown’s problems with Kody Brown are making her “angry.”

This is not the first time she has cried as she struggled within their complex and plural marriage. She broke down when some of the guys assumed she created the strict COVID-19 guidelines. She said a wife who controls a husband to influence other relationships is a bad person.

In season 16 of Sister’s Wives, the episodes focused on how their family handled the restrictions of COVID -19, specifically the strict rules imposed by Kody. Wives who did not follow the rules were not allowed to see and be with Kody.

Because of this, fans saw Kody’s relationships with his wives, with the exception of Robyn, fall apart. However, things were different with Robyn. She had no problem dating her husband and did so all the time.

Sister Wives: Robyn’s Marriage With Kody

Sukanya Krishnan pointed out during the interview that Robyn was the only one who had a “fully functioning relationship” with Kody. Viewers and even the other sister wives know this to be true. Christine Brown announced that she and Kody Brown had broken up in November 2021.

He added that he would have wanted Christine Brown to keep trying, although he also understands that she felt she had no other choice. Robyn Brown also refuted Christine’s claim that she and Kody are already divorced. They were married by their church officials and have not been granted a divorce, which means they are not yet legally separated.

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