Why Did ‘Sister Wives’ Star, Christine, Leave Kody?

Why Did ‘Sister Wives’ Star, Christine, Leave Kody?

The sixteenth season of Sister Wives followed how Christine Brown and Kody Brown’s relationship fully unraveled. In the season finale, Christine revealed that she was done with her marriage after Kody told her that intimacy was out of the question. Christine’s explanation made sense to fans.

Many had assumed that Kody Brown was living a monogamous lifestyle with his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. In the final episode of this season, Kody claims he never had that conversation with Christine Brown. Family followers think he’s lying.

Why Did ‘Sister Wives’ Star, Christine, Leave Kody?

The season 15 finale of Sister Wives ended with Christine Brown insisting that she could no longer “make the wedding” with Kody Brown. When season 16 opened, not much had changed except Christine Brown’s attitude toward the situation. Fans took a liking to Christine’s sass and determination in the most recent season of the series.

While many things happened to bring the couple to where they currently are, Christine Brown pointed to one specific event as the final straw. In an interview for the series, Christine revealed that Kody had denied her an intimate relationship and that she did not want to live in a loveless marriage.

Later, in the most recent episodes, he noted that he had no desire to have a marriage like Kody and Meri Brown’s. Meri, Kody Brown’s first wife, has been estranged from her husband for years but remains connected to the Brown family.

Christine Brown was adamant that the final blow to her marriage was Kody Brown’s insistence that he was no longer interested in having an intimate relationship with her. Kody, however, insists that that conversation never happened. At least, he doesn’t think it happened in the way Christine describes. E! News has obtained a clip from the upcoming tell-all episode that puts a new spin on the issue of intimacy. In the clip, Kody informs the tell-all host, Sukanya Krishnan, that he never told Christine that they would never be intimate again. Instead, he said, he didn’t respond immediately and wanted her to address other issues first.

Kody went on to say that the conversation Christine referred to in her “video diary” seen in the season finale of Sister Wives never happened. Fans of the series find the claim dubious.

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