Sister Wives: Christine Holidays Alone

Sister Wives: Christine Holidays Alone

Christine Brown had no problem happily celebrating the vacations without her ex-husband Kody Brown. However, this is her first officially divorced and out-of-state Valentine’s Day. She could have easily stayed away from social media, but that’s not her style at all. The businesswoman and mom of six shared tips on how to have a good vacation as a single woman.

Sister Wives: Christine Holidays Alone

Even when Christine and Kody Brown were married, the relationship had reached a point where she was doing her own thing. Pandemic really exposed Kody’s controlling side, which wives Janelle Brown and Christine Brown did not support.

Yes, they wanted their family to be together, but they didn’t want to be under a dictatorship. He felt that because he was the only one who went from one house to another, everyone had to follow his rules. In Christine Brown’s case, she had children in other states that she wanted to see.

She also had a teenage daughter who desperately needed surgery and Janelle Brown’s family to whom she was very close. As Janelle Brown’s son Gabriel pointed out, Christine Brown practically raised them. Not being able to reunite was like being out of air.

After Kody and Robyn hired a nanny for their two young children. Christine felt they had crossed the line, as her own children were not even allowed. Kody Brown then presented the wives with nanny protocols so they could get together for the 2020 vacations.

Eventually, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown chose to go to Utah for Thanksgiving. Christine’s daughter, Aspyn was hosting the party. Since Christine and Kody Brown had a lot of tension, she wanted to go where they were welcome. Once the wedding was officially over, the vacation was celebrated in Utah and Christine couldn’t have been happier. She wore matching pajamas and stayed with her granddaughter, Avalon. Now, for her first Valentine’s Day as a truly single woman, she’s embracing her freedom with a message.

Written by Evelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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