90 Day Fiancé: Karine Staehle’s Transformation Shocked Many Fans

90 Day Fiancé: Karine Staehle’s Transformation Shocked Many Fans

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Karine Staehle surprised her followers with a stunning makeover and career-related news after cutting ties with husband Paul Staehle. The two married in November 2017 and have welcomed their two sons, Ethan and Pierre, for the past three years.

Unfortunately, this 90 Day Fiancé couple never had a healthy and stable relationship. Paul accused Karine Staehle of cheating multiple times and even doubted that Pierre and Ethan were his children. Things took a drastic turn in December 2021.

Karine Staehle was seen assaulting Paul Staehle in a surveillance video, which shocked the entire 90 Day Fiancé community. Eventually, the Kentucky native left his wife and moved into his mother’s home with his children.

While many viewers slammed Karine for abusing her husband in front of their child, she claimed that the video was doctored and that people don’t know the full story. Usually, Paul and Karine make up immediately after an argument. However, this time, Paul decided to end his four-year marriage and keep custody of his children.

90 Day Fiancé: Karine Staehle’s Transformation Shocked Many Fans

While Paul Staehle is taking care of Ethan and Pierre, Karine is focusing on her career as a cosmetologist. She posted a beautiful photo on Instagram with the caption, “Job.” In the photo, she sports a new makeup transformation. Karine, who previously dyed her hair black, is now sporting a new blue and purple hair color. She wears nude makeup with a brown lipstick. Even though Karine stopped wearing makeup a few months ago, she now has a natural glow on her face. She seems to be happier without Paul, although she is still away from her children.

Viewers of 90 Day Fiancé are happy to see Karine Staehle’s incredible transformation after her separation from Paul Staehle. They are also proud of her for starting a new job while going through this stressful situation.

Karine may not be able to spend time with her children at the moment. However, it is great that she is focusing on building her career and has a job. Once she feels settled in her new life, she can take legal action to divorce Paul and possibly gain joint custody of her children. Karine likely has a long process ahead of her in this regard. In the meantime, we hope she continues to keep 90 Day Fiancé viewers interested in her future plans.

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