Sister Wives: Christine Says “We’ve Had A Rough Relationship”

Sister Wives: Christine Says “We’ve Had A Rough Relationship”

It’s a rarity if drama doesn’t come out of the Sister Wives house. This time it’s not the usual Meri or Robyn. But the sorted woman, Christine Brown, has some serious accusations for her husband Kody Brown. This husband is seemingly known to have had run-ins with all his wives from time to time.

But the patriarch of the family has always managed to upset all his wives. Let’s find out what troubles Christine was talking about this time.

So, a lot was revealed about Kody Brown’s relationship with his wives during this Sunday’s episode. The episode mainly revolved around Meri Brown and Kody Brown’s troubles. However, the promo for the new episode hinted that another woman is unhappy.

This time it’s Christine who opened up about the turmoil in Kody Brown and his relationship. She spoke to the cameras about the time when she was having difficulties with her husband Kody.

Sister Wives: Christine Says “We’ve Had A Rough Relationship”

Christine Brown revealed some important details about her past with Kody Brown. She says in the promo that they have had a rough relationship for a few years. Staar spoke about the difficult years they went through together.

To this, Kody Brown added that multitasking is a challenge that his wife Christine does not enjoy. “I’ll be frank, plural marriage is not a challenge that I enjoy,” he said.

Christine and Kody married in 1994, almost two and a half decades ago. The two have six children together. But all four Sister Wives relationships were put to the test during the pandemic, as gatherings and visitations became a chore.

Even Kody Brown is beginning to feel that polygamy is a difficult task, especially during a pandemic when she has to do all the travelling alone.

In the midst of all the drama and disappointment, Kody Brown also loses his peace this time. He voiced his side, he said he feels tremendous pressure all the time to meet the emotional needs of a woman that. He said he sometimes has no interest in being satisfied. About Meri Brown, he expressed that he has a wife who he thinks will never be happy.

His mental state has now reached a breaking point. Speaking to the camera, he admitted that he questions all family members.

Also, Kody Brown is no longer ‘benefits’ from their marriage. He thinks that all his marriages are now in the past, be it Meri or Christine or Janelle.

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