Sister Wives: Kody Brown Leaves Meri Brown Alone As She Grieves Her Mother’s Death

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Leaves Meri Brown Alone As She Grieves Her Mother’s Death

Meri Brown recently lost her mother and fans will understand how difficult this is for her. The Sister Wives star attended her mother’s funeral this week and recently shared her heartbreaking experience with everyone. The funeral was attended by many of her family members, including her common-law husband Kody Brown, her second wife Janelle, as well as Mary’s daughter Mariah and her fiancée Audrey.

However, despite her husband’s presence, the first wife did not receive a shred of support from his side. Recently, fans also saw her saying that she was not lovable.

A week has passed since Meri Brown lost her beautiful, vibrant and compassionate mother. Her death was unexpected and shocking for the TV star. Recently, she performed funeral rites and said her final farewell.

Meri Brown dedicated an Instagram post to Bonnie and expressed how much she missed her. She talked about how the last seven days have been hell for her and she has experienced unimaginable pain, chaos and confusion.

On the other hand, Meri said she did not know how to cope with this enormous grief and no longer felt strong. She hopes God has a plan for her mother. The Sister Wives star feels lost and wishes that God would help her to cope with the pain and grief. In addition, Meri tells her fans how wonderful her mother was and she now misses her rock. This is quite a difficult time for her and we hope that she has people to support her at this time.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Leaves Meri Brown Alone As She Grieves Her Mother’s Death

Half of the Brown family came to the funeral of Meri Brown’s mother Bonnie to pay their respects. Meri was there to help her daughter during this difficult time. Despite her husband’s presence, however, the Sister Wives’ fame did not receive a shred of support from her. In contrast to her sad and sensitive mood, Kody was quite energetic and cheerful.

He didn’t read the mood in the room either. Besides, although people expected him to be there for his first wife, Kody spent most of his time at the service next to his second wife, Janelle. The two even kissed outside the chapel.

If his behaviour was offensive enough, fans were shocked by his statements on a recent episode of Sister Wives. The TLC couple were seen talking about their almost non-existent relationship. Us Weekly reveals that they celebrated the anniversary of ‘the end of their relationship”.

He said he was losing his spark and had no desire to be romantically involved with Meri. The first wife disagreed that they don’t miss each other and revealed that she still has feelings for the poly man.

Kody continued that there is no interest between them. He mentions that Meri can only have romance, love, a full marriage and a sexual relationship if there is a spark between them. Although he does not want to divorce his first wife, but accepts that he does not love her at all.

When Meri insists that he love her, he asks her to “be lovable”. Later, Meri spoke of how she thought she was happy in the past, but now thinks she was never happy in her marriage to the Sister Wives patriarchy.

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