Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Talks About Kody Brown And Meri Brown’s Relationship

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Talks About Kody Brown And Meri Brown’s Relationship

Fans of the popular TLC show have repeatedly noticed that Kody Brown puts his youngest wife, Robyn Brown, ahead of the other Sister Wives. People have harshly criticized her preference, which is much more obvious when the pandemic has hit.

The polygamists spent most of the quarantine period with Robyn, while Janelle, Christine and their children visited them occasionally. However, as both parties revealed, Kody barely met Meri during all those months and viewers were not happy about it.

As people are heavily criticizing Kody Brown, they have also pointed out that Robyn should avoid the favoritism given by her common husband. So the fourth wife finally stood up for herself and spoke out.

She says she doesn’t feel “guilty” for what Kody Brown is doing. However, the 42-year-old says she feels very bad because it makes the whole family experience difficult. Later, we also saw her talking about what she thinks of Meri and Kody’s relationship.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Talks About Kody Brown And Meri Brown’s Relationship

A month after fans pointed out that Kody was putting his youngest wife first, it was time for Robyn Brown to admit everyone’s concerns. While it’s not directly her fault, many fans believe she should take some responsibility.

Thus, the Sister Wives star recently addressed the issue. She reveals to Us Weekly that she doesn’t feel guilty about the issue, but she still feels bad and not right. In addition, Robyn also says it’s not fair that things are out of place in their unique family.

Robyn said that Kody spent most of his time with his family during the pandemic. She explained that this was because she has young children. Well, the fourth wife admitted that her polygamous husband did not have a balanced schedule.

Although she does not understand his choices, she has to respect them. In fact, she doesn’t feel guilty because she is not the one who makes these choices. However, the TLC celebrity certainly feels bad that Kody has made the whole family experience difficult.

On the other hand, she talks about how the other sister-sisters decided that Kody wouldn’t live with them for their convenience during the pandemic. As a result, the common-law wife was unable to see them or her other children. Robyn, however, mentions that she accepted Kody’s decision because she has young children.

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