Sister Wives: Christine Brown Has Empathy For The Other Wives

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Has Empathy For The Other Wives

Christine Brown believes that Sister Wives have more freedom in a plural marriage than in a monogamous relationship. Kody Brown’s wife, Christine, doesn’t want a man under her feet every day and is happy with that. Would a monogamous relationship place unwanted restrictions on Christine?

Sister Wives’ Christine loves the freedom of being able to pack up and go whenever she wants.

Christine doesn’t have to arrange trips with her children through Kody, she can just pack up and go. Christine says she couldn’t imagine having one man around every night. Christine doesn’t understand this type of relationship concept.

In fact, Christine says it could cramp her style because she’s never had one since she married Kody Brown in 1994.

Christine Brown loves her freedom and independence, which could be a very big reason why she doesn’t want to live in the same house with other women. Christine seems to like her privacy and doesn’t particularly want to report to anyone.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Has Empathy For The Other Wives

Although Christine enjoys her freedom, she has empathy for other women. The first wife, Meri, has had problems with Kody Brown for several years.

However, Meri Brown seems to be able to sort things out on her own. Meri Brown has her own business and a bed and breakfast in Utah. Meri’s daughter is also getting married.

Meri is trying to keep herself busy and continue to work on herself. But Meri Brown also expresses a wish to have a single-family home, which Christine is dead set against. One house may have some advantages, but Christine seems to prefer to come and go as she pleases. In reality, Christine’s pluses about multiple marriages could also be said about single life.

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