Sister Wives: Kody Brown And Meri Brown Do Not Communicate Anymore

Sister Wives: Kody Brown And Meri Brown Do Not Communicate Anymore

Things between Kody Brown And Meri Brown are almost over. The Sister Wives patriarch is no longer communicating with his first bride.

Well, their problems have long been known to everyone. They’ve even undergone couples therapy in recent years. Yet it doesn’t seem to have done either of them any good. The COVID-19 pandemic has made things even more difficult for the two. However, they know that their marriage began to dissolve in 2015 after Meri Brown’s catfish incident..

Sister Wives: Kody Brown And Meri Brown Do Not Communicate Anymore

In the latest episodes of Sister Wives, we saw how the Brown family tries to keep in touch during a coronavirus pandemic. We’ve heard Meri Brown say before that Kody doesn’t come to her anymore and only goes between Janelle, Christine and Robyn.

Well, it seems the distance between the two is growing. Meri Brown noted that her common-law husband only visits her when their daughter Mariah is in town. She expressed that she feels lonely at that time.

However, on recent occasions, when Kody went to see Meri to meet their daughter, he found out that she had already left. Us Weekly reports that Meri did not inform her polygamous husband in advance that Mariah was no longer at home. To this, the first wife replied that she and Kody were not speaking. The couple no longer communicate.

This suggests that, in addition to not having a romantic relationship, Kody and Meri do not even talk about basic things.

The Browns discussed the situation when one of them falls ill. They had different opinions on whether Kody should take care of one of his sick wives or not. To this, Meri Brown replied that she just knew she would be home sick alone. He wouldn’t have anyone to take care of him and the fans were not happy about that. On the other hand, in the last episode, Kody was seen saying that he had to keep a social distance from Meri Brown.

The first wife didn’t quite agree with her husband’s statement. What’s more, she insisted that he is still a member of her family. When things get heated, Meri asks Kody to stay away from her. Kody, however, decides to bring their past into the conversation.

Written by Emma Fisher

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