Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Had Anxiety Before Meeting Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Had Anxiety Before Meeting Kody Brown

Is the Sister Wives house falling apart? It seems that every episode brings new drama and new controversy. Last month, we saw couple Kody and Meri Brown fighting over their marital problems. But now it seems that all the women have their share of problems with family patriarch Kody Brown. This time it’s not Meri, but Janelle Brown who is having problems with her husband.

The Sister Wives’ family has been torn apart by pandemic and lockdown. The family can’t meet as often as they used to. So the distance has forced Kody to divide his time between his wives.

Now, Kody has been seeing Jenelle for a whole month and the couple seemed to be sharing the awkward energy around. Janelle also seemed concerned about their long separation.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Had Anxiety Before Meeting Kody Brown

When a pandemic hit the world, the Sister Wives family was forced into isolation, which went against the grain of their polygamous arrangement.

Kody ended up spending most of the quarantine period with his fourth wife, Robyn, who had the youngest children. This caused a lot of drama in the family as visiting each wife became difficult.

But now Kody Brown has finally found the time to visit his wife Janelle. The couple met a month later and Janelle seemed anxious before meeting her husband. She confessed to cameras that she had “having a lot of anxiety” before meeting her husband. She also said they had been separated for a long time, hence the anxiety.

When they finally met, the couple shared a kiss and the father of the family gave his son and daughter a big warm hug. He seemed delighted to meet his children and his wife. Even fans were thrilled to see Kody and Janelle together after a long time of shared love.

The couple then discussed the ups and downs of the relationship they went through while apart. They told viewers how hard this breakup tested their relationship.

Kody Brown even went on to ask Janelle Brown: “We’ve been apart so long, what are we?”. At this, his wife laughed. They both burst out laughing, and then Kody said he felt almost immediately that they were “back in the game”.

Written by Evelyn Foster

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