Sister Wives: Separate Living

Sister Wives: Separate Living

Sister Wives spoilers and updates show that the distance and back and forth has gotten to Kody Brown and it’s been a matter of disdain in the family: “who do you spend more time with’, ‘who do you spend more time with’, ‘how do you schedule in my time’, ‘I’m getting less visits’, ‘you’re visiting this wife more”.

It’s been a never-ending battle and it’s all coming down on Kody’s head. Kody has said more than once that he wishes they could live together in the same house like they used to, but the women aren’t ready to listen to him, but maybe they are now?

Sister Wives: Separate Living

As the show’s audience knows, the family packed up and left their ideal home in Las Vegas in the summer of 2018 to move to Arizona, and since the move, things haven’t gone as well as they probably thought. Now, instead of living in four houses, all next door to each other like they did in Las Vegas, the four women are scattered across the city of Flagstaff.

They also have a piece of land that they own, which they not only don’t know what to do with, but has been a constant source of bickering and disagreement in the family over which piece of land belongs to each woman. Kody has made it clear that her wish is for the family to live under one roof. And the women have made it clear that they want no such thing, especially Christine Brown.

They once lived under one roof, back in Utah and before Robyn came. Meri, Janelle, Christine and Kody Brown lived in one big house divided into three apartments.

But a pandemic and socially distant visits begin to take their toll on the whole family. In the episode to come, the Browns seem to really rethink their position on the whole ‘one big house’ situation.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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