Sister Wives: Kody Brown Rejected Meri Brown’s Attempts To Flirt With Him.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Rejected Meri Brown’s Attempts To Flirt With Him.

In last night’s episode of Sister Wives, Meri Brown flirted with her husband as they celebrated their 30th anniversary, but Kody Brown didn’t feel it.

Viewers got a more detailed look at Meri and Kody’s disintegrating relationship as the couple celebrated their “non-anniversary”.

The two drove to get a meal while Meri filmed on her mobile phone. Their time together, which was supposed to be celebratory, turned ugly as the couple dived into serious topics.

Meri Brown confessed during her confession that her intention was to continue their relationship going forward. But Kody has other plans – he wants to take things “very, very, very, very, very slowly”.

Kody Brown claimed that he is trying to help Meri to find out if she has a “spark” for him or if she just wants “everything” because she is lonely. Kody disclosed that throughout their years of counseling and working on their relationship, he kept his eyes open for any sign of desire from Mer, but claims he didn’t get it.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Rejected Meri Brown’s Attempts To Flirt With Him.

Kody boldly told Meri in the car that they miss the idea of their relationship, but don’t really miss each other. Meri disagreed and told him coldly: “Speak for yourself.”

Meri admitted that she has a “strong draw” to her husband of three decades, but sadly admitted that she doesn’t act on it because Kody doesn’t feel the same way.

Meri revealed on the witness stand that Kody told her to flirt with him to make her feelings known to him. Unfortunately, she admitted that when she tries to flirt, he “backs off more,” which makes her back off more. However, Meri admitted that she would not give up or give up on trying to keep their marriage alive, despite Kody telling her that he “not missing” their relationship.

At one point in the car, Meri Brown told Kody Brown that she wished she knew how he felt when she put her hand on his arm. Kody told Meri that he wasn’t “courting” with her and that he didn’t know he should.

Kody implied that Meri’s efforts were not enough to earn a romantic and sexual relationship with him, saying that there had to be that “spark” first.

When the two arrived at a public park to eat their takeout on a blanket in the grass, Meri tried to be flirtatious. She made a few hints about snuggling together under a blanket and “lighting up” Kody, but they were ignored, or Kody changed the subject.

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