Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Struggles With Taxes

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Struggles With Taxes

Sister Wives fans heard in August last year that Paedon would cause a tailgating accident in Las Vegas. It happened in October 2017. Faced with a lawsuit, Kody Brown had to face the possibility of paying the damages. After all, Paedon was driving Kody’s car at the time. Now, the case that went to arbitration meant that Kody Brown had to pay the money.

Sister Wives Kid Paedon Hit Kody Brown’s Pocket By About $30k

Remember that originally, Paedon and Kody Brown were sued for $15,000 in damages. At the time, the plaintiffs, Stephanie Gonzalez and her passenger, Mirella Flores, wanted to be paid when they suffered damages after Paedon hit them. The lawsuit was filed in December 2018. The claim included “pain and suffering,” Starcasm noted. In addition, they wanted compensation for “loss of salary, loss of earning capacity, bodily harm and mental distress. In addition, they demanded “loss of enjoyment of life in an amount that is currently unattainable.

The family of the Sister Wives obtained their lawyer who filed a petition against the plaintiffs. But now it appears they have lost their countersuit. Sun UK has detailed the costs that Kody Brown, and perhaps Paedon, need to find. According to the court documents they obtained, the amount amounts to just under $30,000.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Struggles With Taxes

The court says the whole thing amounts to $29,855. 39. This is not a good time to be making this payment. After all, they’ve gone to a lot of trouble to move to Flagstaff. Fans know that the Vegas homes have been sold slowly. And at some point, they had to pay back their back taxes. In fact, Janelle Brown currently points out in her annual tax return, she noted on Instagram. On her main Instagram, Janelle Brown posts beautiful photos of herbs, flowers, spring vegas. But in her Stories, she noticed that she’s stressing about her taxes.

The Sister Wives mom seems fully into understanding finances. In the last season, fans have caught her concern about finances. Meanwhile, the other wives seem a bit clueless. Not to mention the fact that on social media fans are wondering what’s going on in Kody’s head. He spent a lot of money on property in Flagstaff. Christine went to Instagram practically begging to pay “someone’s intervention.” Fans think she talked about Ysabel and her back issue. Maybe she really needed the money since Kody’s now facing that $30,000 court payment.

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