Sister Wives: Meri Brown Back In Utah For Good This Time?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Back In Utah For Good This Time?

Enough of the cryptic quotes from Meri Brown’s ending. She’s been teasing the viewers for a while now that she’s making a big decision. The star of Sister Wives has finished letting us anticipate and may finally have made a decision.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Back In Utah For Good This Time?

Meri Brown has officially left Arizona and is currently in Utah. This means she has physically left the state where the Brown family patriarch resides. Last week she posted a picture of herself curled up with her dog. In her post, she tagged Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, which proved that the reality star is no longer in Flagstaff, Arizona. In fact, she currently resides in Utah.

Her bed and breakfast has been a huge success since she started. She obviously goes back and forth to check the place out. But after all those cryptic quotes suggesting that he’s definitely done with Kody Brown this time, her trip to Utah may not be just for a few days. Most fans think she’s gone forever and left her polygamous life behind.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown’s Makeover

Meri might have even thought she’d get a revenge body if she was really done with Kody Brown. She hired a personal trainer to guide her through her training. The star of Sister Wives recently posted a picture of her in one of her LuLaRoe dresses. He does this a lot for promotional purposes. This time, however, the reality TV star also showed her skinny figure.

According to the fans, Meri looks radiant and they advise her to keep doing what she does. Even one of the workers got into the whole thing and revealed that Meri’s new haircut, fitness focus and general look change are a good sign that she is ready to be independent. Also, the same source revealed that the removal of the wedding ring is a big problem for polygamy. This is a very strong signal that Meri Brown has probably already moved away from marriage.

Most fans think it’s a good thing that Meri is getting back together. Viewers also hope that she leaves her polygamous family behind and lives an independent life.

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