Sister Wives: Kody Gets His Wish

Sister Wives: Kody Gets His Wish

Sister Wives star Kody Brown will probably be in his glory when the TLC cameras have him back in the picture for filming Season 15.. While the network kept fans waiting for the official news of a new season, one of the Sister Wives took care of it.

Sister Wives: Kody Gets His Wish

For the second year in a row, news of another season comes from Christine Brown’s house. Last season it was Gwendlyn Brown who shared the news of a season 14. When fans asked her about a new season, she said “yes”. This year it’s Mom announcing Season 15 Sister Wives.

Christine Brown also came right out and said yes to a Season 15. She revealed this after she told fans on social media that the family was filming. Even if the news does not come from TLC, you can’t get more officers than one of the sister wives who pass the news. After all, it is one of the stars the camera focuses on.

Kody Brown’s third wife also shared some news for the new season. It seems that Ysabel’s journey through the diagnosis of scoliosis is one of this season’s plots. Surprisingly, they didn’t mention it at all in the last season of Sister Wives on air.

Sister Wives: What Ever Happened to Ysabel

They talked at length about their daughter’s struggle in the previous season, Season 13. But the result was never shared by anyone in the family in Season 14.

Christine Brown mentioned during one of her online chats that they couldn’t offer any news about Ysabel Brown’s treatment. That’s because they cover it in the upcoming episode of Sister Wives in the new season.

Ysabel underwent aggressive holistic treatment for spinal curvature during Season 13. At the time it was hoped that the exercises and a brace would correct or at least stop the scoliosis. But she had to face the possibility of major surgery if the treatment didn’t work.

The fans never found out what happened. But during the season break right after those scenes, Ysabel was seen in a wheelchair with her Sister Wives family at Disneyland. At the time, this suggested to some followers of the Sister Wives that the intervention had already taken place. But once again, not a word has been mentioned about Ysabel’s situation.

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