Sister Wives: Meri Answers Her Pleading Fans

Sister Wives: Meri Answers Her Pleading Fans

Sister Wives star Meri Brown might be Kody Brown’s first wife, but today it looks like Janelle Brown, Christine and Robyn are coming in first. Just because last season ended with Kody telling the camera he no longer lives with Meri Brown. “Living with” in Sister Wives jargon seems to mean she no longer sleeps at home.

Sister Wives: Meri Answers Her Pleading Fans

Kody Brown’s performance in the therapist’s office as he finished the last season of Sister Wives, upset the fans. This prompted viewers to urge Meri to leave her husband of 30-years. After a few weeks of fans asking Meri why she wouldn’t leave, Meri offered an answer.

The original matriarch of the Sister Wives writes that there is only one way to lose: to quit. She explained how leaving Kody Brown means leaving the family, too.

Meri Brown also said she’s not ready to do it. However, she continues to receive suggestions from fans who urge her to leave the ship. So, it seems that today she may have posted another response to those urgent suggestions coming from the followers of the Sister Wives.

The Brown family’s first wife writes, “The only way to lose is to quit. Then she put a serious twist with the word “Done” stamped on her mail in big red letters.

That post, which is down here, looks pretty powerful. It also looks like she’s offering a message to the fans. Maybe she offered it as an excuse to her followers who want him to give up her life with Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: What’s Meri Brown Got to Lose?

So, what’s Kody Brown’s first wife got to lose? If you ask that question from a fan’s point of view, many Sister Wives followers will probably say “nothing”. A good number of her fans already tell Meri that she has nothing to lose and everything to gain by leaving her husband and wives.

But if you ask Meri Brown this question, the answer is probably “everything” from her point of view. She’s been married to Kody for 30 years. Two of her co-wives have been part of her life for over 25 years. Looks like her latest wife, Robyn, is also Meri’s best friend. Then there’s 18 kids, who call her mother, or at least did at one time.

Many of the comments addressed to Meri Brown have also tried to remind her of the treatment she receives from the other women that Kody married. The other three ladies who make up this marriage in the plural of the Sister Wives were also not very nice to her.

Some of the people who follow Meri Brown would like nothing more than to see her with one of her men. But, as Meri said before, he’s not just a husband she’d leave if she left.

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